Best Types of Heels to Wear with Jeans

Best Types of Heels to Wear with Jeans

You know how amazing it is to finally stumble upon the perfect pair of women’s jeans. They’re the ones that fit like they were just made for you. Before you know it, they’ve become your go-to for just about any occasion, from casual to moderately dressed up. If you fall into the latter camp, you know that pairing your denim with a t-shirt and kicks won’t do. For special occasions, you need a pair of great heels to finish the look.

The key, however, is to select footwear that actually looks great with your jeans. It’s not always as simple as grabbing those ever-reliable strappy sandals. You’ve got to consider the cut of your jeans, too. From boot cuts to skinnies, each style happens to look best with a particular type of denim style. But how do you know if you’re on the right path? Here’s some guidance to help you make the best choice.

With Skinny Jeans

There’s absolutely nothing like a great pair of skinny jeans. Once merely a potentially fleeting trend, the ubiquitous bottom has more than earned its place in the annals of women’s fashion history. They’re sleek, stylish, and sophisticated, conveying a sense of poise that’s welcome when you want to go the casual route but don’t want to look too understated. Skinnies are easy to dress down, but they’re even simpler to dress up with heels than other silhouettes.

The idea with skinny jeans is to create some sense of balance. You can do that by pairing them with sleek heels — pumps will do if you don’t want to wear stilettos — and adding a more substantial top. A structured blazer over a floaty blouse contributes to the dressy angle if that’s the look you want. Otherwise, try a slouchy, colorful cardigan over a solid-colored t-shirt. The simpler top will nicely balance your dressier shoes.

With Straight Leg Jeans

It can admittedly be a little tricky deciding what shoes to wear with straight leg jeans. They’re undoubtedly versatile in every other way — they look perfect with just about everything, from turtlenecks and tees to tunics and cardigans. But where’s that happy middle ground where heels are concerned? It takes a little bit of effort, but there are heeled candidates out there that are just perfect for pairing with straight-leg denim.

The best part is that you can inch your way up or keep your heel as low as you'd like. Straight silhouettes look great with low-profile kitten heels, for example. Add a ladylike blouse and you’ve got yourself a well-coordinated look that’s subtly elegant, yet never too fussy. If you favor something a little more substantial, try an ankle boot with a low shaft, or a pair of sock boots that conform to your leg. Avoid anything too wide in the shaft, as your jeans will simply bunch over the shoe and steal attention away from your otherwise pristine look. Straight leg jeans also look great with strappy sandals.

With Flared Jeans

If you’re all about that old-school look that takes its inspiration from decades past, you’ll love a pair of flared jeans. They exhibit the same stylish sensibilities that many of your fashion icons from yesteryear made famous, yet they’re easy to modernize with a few simple touches. Pairing them with a turtleneck nods to the 1970s, while wearing them with a bodysuit offers a much more contemporary take. Whatever your vision, these jeans can bring it to life.

Best of all, they’re incredibly versatile where heels are concerned. The beauty of flared jeans is that they create the illusion of length when worn with heels. So something substantial, like a pair of boots with a block heel, is a great choice for adding additional height. Or try patent leather heels if you want to add a flashy finish to your otherwise casual bottoms.

With Cropped Jeans

Women’s cropped pants of all types can pose a little bit of a sartorial challenge when you want to wear heels. Fortunately, cropped jeans are a little easier to rock with your favorite pair than, say, pedal pushers. First, they look perfect with heels. The combination of a shorter hem and a tall heel is just right for conveying balance and additional length.

You have so many options. Try a pair of ankle strap sandals — just make sure that there’s some space between the denim bottoms and the actual strap. Another practical choice is a low-profile pump. A chunky style works well if your cropped jeans have a flared bottom. Otherwise, stick with something more conventional in keeping with a straight leg for a classic look.

A great pair of jeans is just the beginning. When you find the perfect heels to pair with them, you’re more than halfway to creating a flattering outfit that helps you look and feel your best. And isn’t that exactly what you expect your clothes to do?


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