How to Choose Golf Clothing for Spring and Summer

How to Choose Golf Clothing for Spring and Summer

When the weather’s good, golfing is even better. Still, the spring and summer seasons can bring harsh and unpredictable weather. From rain to extreme heat, it can get uncomfortable out on the course. With the right golf clothing, though, you can be ready for anything. There are a lot of apparel options on the market today, so it can be overwhelming to know what to look for. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to help you on your search. Discover what to look for and our top picks for the best silhouettes. Here’s how to choose golf clothing for spring and summer.

Focus on the Fabric

Start by focusing on the fabric. For warmer temperatures, you want something lightweight and breathable. It’s also important to go for something durable enough to withstand regular wear and washes. Most workout shirts are made from a blend of synthetic materials that usually includes polyester, spandex and rayon. This is a great choice for spring and summer, as it’s lightweight and moisture-wicking. Synthetic blends also dry fast and are wrinkle-resistant, so they hold up well in the rain.

Bamboo viscose is a great choice for golfers who prefer natural materials and have sensitive skin. This biodegradable material is made from the cellulose of bamboo. It’s sustainable, hypoallergenic, and possesses natural odor-fighting properties. Bamboo viscose is also lightweight and breathable to keep you cool and fresh. Sometimes, it’s blended with cotton for added softness and comfort. Bamboo viscose doesn’t pill easily, so it will look good as new for a long time to come.

Pick a Palette

The next step is to choose your colors. This helps you create a capsule wardrobe of tops and bottoms that can be easily mixed and matched. It also lets you show off your fashion style on the course. Spring is the perfect time to break out the pastels. Think baby blue, pale pink, lavender, lemon yellow, and mint green. These colors look great with white and other neutrals, like cream, beige, and soft gray. You can also incorporate color into your golfing outfit with prints and patterns. Gingham is a popular pattern associated with spring, especially in pastel shades. You can also go for a print with spring-inspired motifs, like cherry blossoms.

Summer colors tend to be much bolder when it comes to fashion. Think royal blue, hot pink, purple, bright yellow, and lime green. Neon is also popular, especially for women’s activewear. Neon colors not only reflect the vibrant colors of summer nature, but they also help you show off your gorgeous summer glow. When it comes to summer prints and patterns, the options are endless. Keep it classic with stripes, or have fun with a palm tree or flamingo print.

Select Comfy Silhouettes

The last step in choosing golf clothing for spring and summer is to select comfortable pieces. Focus on the silhouettes that fit your body best while allowing you to move freely. It’s also important to select golf clothing that is functional and versatile. That way, you’ll get the most out of your wardrobe.

Spring Golf Clothing

Spring weather can be pleasant, but also unpredictable. Depending on where you live, it may also rain often. Even on warm, sunny days, there can be unexpected bouts of wind or rainfall. That’s why it’s important to stick to fast-drying, water-resistant clothing for golfing in spring.

Women’s polo shirts are the standard choice for golfing tops as they’re soft, lightweight, and breathable. They’re also versatile—you can wear them on their own or layered under a sweater or jacket. Polo shirts can also be worn with different bottoms, from pants to skirts. They’re structured enough to look stylish while relaxed enough to still be comfortable.

When it comes to spring bottoms, there are plenty of golf pants styles to choose from. Stick with something warm and breathable. This will keep you toasty on chilly mornings and cool when it heats up midday. Capri pants are a great choice as the cropped length offers extra ventilation while still providing plenty of coverage.

A packable jacket is also a must for your spring golf kit. You need something that you can easily pop over your clothes if the weather changes. A windbreaker is an ideal choice as it provides lightweight warmth and protection from any rain or wind.

Summer Golf Clothing

In summer, the heat can be unbearable. To keep your head in the game, it’s necessary to choose golf clothing that will keep you cool, dry, and fresh. You’ll also want to amp up the UV ray protection with hats, sunglasses, and sun protective gear.

Unless you’re extra sensitive to the sun, we say swap out the pants for a fresh pair of women’s shorts. In the heat and humidity, your legs will thank you. Shorts provide plenty of breathability while still giving you the coverage you need.

Golf skirts are a great alternative to shorts in summer. They keep you cool and also let you work on your tan.

Women’s hats not only keep the sun off your face, but they also look super stylish. When it comes to golfing, stick with something comfy and airy to let your scalp breathe.

Spring and summer weather can be lovely and unpredictable. A warm, sunny day can easily turn dark and gloomy. And in the height of summer, the heat can get pretty intense. To stay comfortable out on the course, it’s important to choose the right golf clothing. For spring, focus on versatile pieces that provide lightweight warmth. In summer, stick to breathable, sweat-wicking designs. And don’t forget your sun protection to fight those UV rays. Then, get ready to grip it and rip it in comfort and style.


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