Best Girls Outfits for Playing Outdoors

Best Girls Outfits for Playing Outdoors 

From adorable dresses to awesome hiking gear, choosing the best girls outdoor clothing for playing and enjoying the great outdoors is the perfect way to kick off the season. Dressing your girls in the best outfits for playing outdoors will also encourage them and get them excited for spending time outside and exploring nature. Whether they are playing games, hosting tea parties with their stuffed animals, making snowmen, or getting their knees dirty, you’ll want to be sure they have the best outfits to do so.

Spring Styles

Who said dresses are only for inside play? Let your little ones run wild this spring in some great dresses for girls that will allow them to freely explore the outdoors while still wearing their favorite dress. If your daughter tends to come in the house filled with grass stains and mud, then perhaps opt for dressing her in a darker colored dress to save yourself time and energy trying to remove all those stains. If your girls are playing minimally-staining games in the backyard, then dress them in some cute spring dresses that match the season. We love bright and light colors, flowers, and patterns to make any girl’s outfit feel more radiant. We recommend dresses that are made of natural fibers, such as cotton, for more breathability and comfort. There are a million reasons to dress your girls in dresses this spring, but our favorite is they are just plain adorable.

As we all know, with the spring season comes a few rainy days. But, don’t let the spring rains rain on your girls’ shine. Wetter days shouldn’t dampen playing outside. Just be sure your girls are dressed as best they can be for the weather. For rainier days be sure your kids have a good girls’ rain jacket to keep them dry and also keep mud and grass off their clothes. Dress them in tops and bottoms that are moisture-wicking, breathable, and that dry easily. Athleisure wear, such as leggings and exercise tops, are great candidates for rainy day play.

Summer Sunshine

On those blistering hot days, it is especially important to find the best summer outfits for girls to keep them cool as possible. If the heat won’t keep them from playing outside, then be sure they are dressing in the appropriate clothing. Girls’ shorts are a great place to start. Shorts are also a great choice for comfort, mobility, and versatility. Your daughters will have added freedom to run, play, jump, and explore while also staying comfortably cool.

Dressing your girls in loosely fitted tank tops, girls' graphic tees, and tunics are also great options for staying cool while playing outside. Pair any of these tops with shorts for a great summer outfit perfect for outdoor play. When choosing fabrics, be sure to opt for natural fibers that are lightweight and breathable, such as cotton.

On hot days when you’re running the sprinkler for the kids, its good to have your girls dressed in an outfit they can easily slip on and off. Let them pick their favorite girl's swimsuit to wear underneath a rash guard or an easy slip on and off dress for an easy outfit change. This way they can enjoy the cool spray of the sprinkler and easily put their clothes back on over their bathing suits until they are ready for sprinkler round two.

Autumn Adventures

Its important to dress your girls appropriately for or cooler days and fall evenings. Whether they’re outdoor for barbeques, campfires, ghost storytelling, or games, having the right clothes for cool weather is important so your girls can still enjoy playing outside. For evening play, be sure your girls are wearing long sleeves and long pants so they don’t get cold while strolling through a local pumpkin patch or preparing to leap into a pile of leaves. A pair of comfortable jeans with a hooded sweatshirt or hooded long-sleeved shirt is a great go-to outfit. Keep your girl looking rustic-chic by dressing her in a cute flannel shirt over her jeans to keep her warm and also stylish. Flannel is perfect for those cooler autumn days and also for chilly nights.

One of the best parts about fall is watching your children enjoy exploring the great outdoors and playing outside. There is so much room for creativity, fun, exercise, and for making memories that will last a lifetime.

Winter Wonderland

Make sure to prepare for the cold this winter by buying the right girls outdoor wear. Having a warm girls' winter coat, winter boots, hats, and mittens can make the all difference when your girls are deciding whether to stay inside or to go outside and play. Keep the snow out by making sure your apparel is waterproof with extra layers of fabric to keep your girls warm. Add an extra layer of protection with waterproof snow pants or snow bibs so your girls can make snowmen, sled down hills, and have snowball fights as long they want. After all that play, cozy up by the fire with a hot cup of cocoa and some comfy pajamas and fluffy socks.

By dressing your girls appropriately for all that outside play you are keeping them warm, safe, comfortable, and happy while also minimizing excessive piles of laundry. Gear your girls up with some of these great outdoor play outfit ideas for an unforgettable year.


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