Best Girls' Cardigans to Buy for School This Fall

Best Girls' Cardigans to Buy for School This Fall

The leaves are changing and the air is nice and fresh, which means fall is here! Fall is a time of new beginnings, including a new school term. One fun and easy way to make the upcoming school year feel special is with a few new favorite outfits. Whether your kiddo is a little fashionista or likes to keep her looks simple, a cardigan sweater is a perfect way to complete any outfit.

They're ideal for layering — and it is sweater weather, after all! Cardigans are versatile and trendy yet classic, and sure to upgrade any of your girls' go-to looks. While there is a lot to choose from, below are the five absolute best girls’ cardigans to buy for school this fall. 

1. A Bright, Solid-Colored Button-Down Cardigan 

A cotton button-down cardigan is a staple wardrobe item. These often come in a variety of colors and have buttons running up the front, meaning your kiddo can wear these open, buttoned-up, or partially buttoned. To make sure this piece is as versatile as possible, opt for a solid color. Going with a bright, fun color like teal or purple can be a simple way to make any outfit feel more vibrant and make any day feel sunnier as your daughter navigates new classes. Pair with some funky girls’ leggings in a graphic print and a simple white tee for an outfit that's guaranteed to make her excited to get ready for school in the morning. This classic style of cardigan can complete any look without clashing. 

2. A Neutral Color Zip Up Cardigan Sweater

Similar to a button-down cardigan, a zip-front cardigan can either be worn open, fully zipped-up, or partially open. This means that a zip-up cardigan is absolutely perfect for layering. The zipper also allows this style to trap heat a bit more than other cardigan styles, so these will be a go-to for chillier fall days. Layer this over a girls’ turtleneck in your girls' favorite color (really any color will work with a neutral color cardigan!) or an easy long-sleeved tee with jeans for a look that's just as classic as it is cozy. Plus, this outfit is great for playing outdoors, meaning her cardigan will be a winner for whatever recess brings. 

3. A Classic Cardigan Sweater With Collegiate Stripes on the Sleeves

This style of cardigan looks just like an open front button down, but with collegiate stripes on the sleeves. This is a perfect back to school look for your girl because it wraps her in warmth for the changing season. This cardigan will evoke some serious homecoming vibes and is best paired with skinny jeans (or jeggings) and a classic white tee. Finish off the look with her favorite pair of sneakers for a more casual and sporty take, or with ballet flats for a slightly preppier look, and be sure to add a scarf to tie it all together. 

4. A Vibrant Open Front Cardigan

Open cardigans are fall favorites since they perfectly match the transition of the season. Since you'll likely still have some warm days as the school year kicks off, an open cardigan is a fun way to layer without committing to buttons or zippers. For a trendy option, go for an open front cardigan in a material other than simple cotton, like chenille. The velvety feel and vibrancy of chenille will earn both comfort and style points. For a look that's sure to set a trend, pair with a skirt, leggings, and a girls’ graphic t-shirt. We love this look because it has a bit of an edge and it allows your blossoming trend-setter to show off her favorite tee from the summer that she isn't quite ready to retire for the season. 

5. A Sparkly Button-Down Cardigan Sweater 

While a button-down cardigan is an essential staple, there's no reason you can't get glittery. Especially for glam girls, a button-down cardigan sweater with sparkles is the way to go. Opt for a color like red to really stand out from the crowd, or black for something a bit more neutral but with a kick. Since this style of cardigan really speaks for itself, you can complete the outfit with simple items she already has in her closet.

Pair with her favorite black skinny jeans or jeggings with boots or ballet flats. This cardigan is best worn buttoned up for maximum shimmer effect, but it can also complement any undershirt, be it a solid color or a tee with horizontal stripes. This cardigan is a great way to bring excitement to any outfit and get your daughter ready to show off in the hallways.

Cardigans are an easy way to complement any fall look for girls. They can be layered in a way that's stylish, comfortable, and trendy. These wardrobe essentials are sure to bring some autumnal joy to a new school year.


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