Best Gifts for Mail Carriers

Best Gifts for Mail Carriers

Where would we be without our reliable, trustworthy mail carriers? Now more than ever, mail carriers play an essential role in our lives. Despite cold conditions and inclement weather, our mail carriers get us our essential packages. Show them how much you care and appreciate their service by giving your mail carriers Christmas gifts this holiday season. Research what’s acceptable to give; every delivery service has its own rules. You can’t give cash, for example, or anything that can be exchanged for cash. An easy option is a heartfelt card or note. Also, you can give gift cards that can’t be exchanged for cash. However, a thoughtful gift can show mail carriers how much you appreciate them. Follow the below tips for ideas on what you could give.

Give a Tasty Gift

A delicious idea is giving snacks enclosed in a decorative basket with satin ribbons. You can gather chips, nuts, fruit snacks, candy, granola bars, doughnuts, or any other packaged food items, along with chewing gum, coffee, tea, water, or Gatorade. That way, your hard-working mail carriers can have food, treats, and drinks to consume along their journey. Make sure to attach a kind note with festive decorations.

You can also bake chocolate chip cookies, fudge brownies, cupcakes, cake, or other sweets or bread and give them as a gift to satisfy their sweet tooth. Pick out a festive basket with ribbons and a card. They’ll want to share their baked goods with their mail carrier friends.

Finally, you can find candy and baked goods online or in stores packaged in decorative tins. Classic Christmas treats include peppermint, nuts, popcorn, toffee, wafers, and truffles. Did someone say, “Yum?”

Make It Personal

For a sentimental touch, buy personalized gifts for your favorite mail carriers. If you don’t know where to start, pick out something practical that they can use and monogram it, like a water bottle, travel coffee mug, ceramic mug, or thermos. If you know their name, you can include their initials or first name. Purchase a personalized keychain or pen. Switch things up with a keychain that features a motivational phrase like, “Awesome mail carrier,” or “Best mailman (or mailwoman) ever!”

A picture frame or candle is a smart choice for a sweet touch to their home décor. Buy a beautiful photo frame like ceramic, wood, glass, or a colored plastic frame. As for the candle, choose a scent that’ll help them unwind after a long winter day, like a crisp mint, sweet vanilla or cinnamon, or an earthy pine.

Pick Out a Chic Home Accent

Purchase a small item they can use around their home. A bath and beauty set with body lotion, shower gel, body cream, soap, and bath bombs will let them kick back and pamper themselves after driving their usual routes in the neighborhood. Or a leather or canvas Dopp or travel kit will let them organize their essentials they’ll need while on the go.

Give them the gift of coziness with a fleece throw or blanket for snuggling under while kicking back at home. Choose a stylish pattern, like classic plaid, bold stripes, or festive snowflakes. Or update their kitchen with decorative tea or kitchen towels.

A gorgeous gift idea is buying a small plant or flowers that are easy for them to take care of and will add a touch of serenity to their home. Mail carriers have tough and necessary jobs, so a plant in their home will lighten the atmosphere.

Surprise Them With Cozy Accessories

Give them something comfy and stylish that’ll keep them nice and toasty while out and about. There’s a chance you may not know your mail carriers’ sizes, so stick to one-size winter accessories that anyone could comfortably wear. Top off their style with a toasty knit winter hat, earmuffs, a beanie, a trapper hat, or a fleece headband. Or purchase comfy wool-knit, leather, or faux leather winter gloves or mittens. Bonus points for tech-friendly gloves.

A chunky cable-knit scarf or wrap will offer a dose of warmth on chilly days. Or a pair of socks with a hilarious print will put a smile on their face. Let them slide into super-soft and supportive monogrammed slippers after a taxing day. Slippers plus a hot cup of chocolate is a match made in heaven.

Showcase Their Hobbies

If you’ve had more than a few conversations with your mail carriers, you may know what they love to do when they’re not out making an impact on the community. A gift representative of their hobby will show them how much you care about them.

If they’re into sports, buy a shot glass, baseball cap, bobblehead, or any other accessory that represents their favorite team or player. Or if they’re into arts and crafts, they’ll appreciate a scrapbook, an adult coloring book, or an adult puzzle. If they’ve mentioned a favorite author, perhaps purchase a book by the same author. If they’re off exploring new lands whenever they have the free time, they’ll adore a scratch-off world map to keep track of all the new places they’ve been.

Your mail carriers might’ve spoken kindly about their beloved dogs. So, for dog lovers, give them comfy dog jackets, dog Christmas bandanna , sweaters, or dog hoodies for their adorable pup. Their dogs will wag their tails with delight!

Mail carriers are vital to keeping the greater community running. Show them how important they are by giving them something special this holiday season.


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