Best Gift Ideas for the Groom

Best Gift Ideas for the Groom

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something for the groom. Sure, we might be misquoting that just a bit, but did you know that a gift exchange between the bride and groom is a wedding custom? While we all know about the overflowing gift table you'll see at just about every wedding reception and the tradition of giving bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts to the wedding party, this gifting custom isn't quite as well-known. And while it's up to each and every couple to determine which customs and traditions they want to follow for their special day, we happen to think that this can be a sweet way to have a moment that's really just for you and your partner, especially as you get swept up in the excitement (and hard work!) of the wedding energy.

If you have a wedding of your own coming up (congrats!) and your very own husband-to-be, this gift exchange can be a moment you two share before the ceremony or right after, before you head out on your honeymoon. In some cases, you might even choose to give your gifts to the best man and maid of honor, respectively, to give to you and your groom while you're getting ready to walk down the aisle. No matter how you choose to participate in this sweet little wedding tradition, below is a list of the best gifts any groom is sure to love.

Cozy Monogrammed Slippers

If you're looking forward to a lifetime of lazy Sundays with your significant other, then a pair of monogrammed men's slippers might just be the perfect gift for your groom. Opt for some classic and oh-so-comfy suede leather moccasin slippers with his initials monogrammed on them, and include a cute note about a future filled with cozy weekends in your home or lounging by the fire during your magical mountain getaways. This is a practical and thoughtful gift that'll make him remember your wedding day whenever he steps into them.

A Plush Monogrammed Robe

While we're on the subject of lazy Sundays and cozy mountain escapes, a plush monogrammed men's robe is another thoughtful gift he'll be sure to love. A luxurious calf-length Turkish terry robe with his initials on the chest will seriously upgrade his lounge game, which will make your slow weekend mornings together that much better. While this works great as a standalone gift, you can also pair it with some matching slippers if you want to give a slightly larger gift.

Cufflinks and a Tie Clip for the Wedding

A pair of personalized cufflinks, perhaps with your initials one and your wedding date on the other, with a matching tie clip, is a truly classic gift for the groom. If you decide to go this route for your gift, just make sure that you plan your gift exchange with your significant other before the ceremony or perhaps even a day before, just to ensure he can incorporate these into his snazzy tux-or-suit look. While these will make his wedding day attire feel and look that much more special, these will also be sure to become a memento that he'll cherish forever.

Swim Trunks for the Honeymoon

A fun gift for the honeymoon can be another great option. If you have a tropical getaway planned for your honeymoon, then a pair of fresh new men's swim trunks can be a fun, thoughtful, and practical option for your groom gift. This is a perfect choice if you plan on exchanging gifts right after the ceremony when you're feeling that wedding energy buzz and the honeymoon is top of mind. You can complete this gift with other honeymoon necessities or upgrades, like a new pair of sunglasses or an underwater camera.

Personalized New Grill Set

If you and your husband-to-be are both all about those backyard BBQs, then opt for a gift that'll make your grilling-season-filled future even more special. A personalized grilled set is a perfect gift that'll also help to make your house feel even more like a home as you settle into new routines after the big day. Choose a set of grill tools that'll be an upgrade from whatever he's currently using, and add a thoughtful touch by opting for engraved tools or an embossed case to keep them all in. You can complete this gift with a homemade cookbook of the summer recipes you both love, or a framed photo from a great picnic, BBQ, or meal memory.

Your wedding day will include the traditions and customs that best suit and represent you and your groom. Perhaps you're planning on throwing all of the usual customs and traditions out the window and making up new ones of your own, or finding a way to incorporate some traditions while opting to skip the others. No matter how you plan to celebrate this important day, taking a moment to exchange a gift with your groom can make for a sweet memory you'll both appreciate.


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