What Is the Best Gift for My Dad This Father's Day?

What is the Best Gift for My Dad This Father's Day?

Tired of getting Dad gadgets every single Father’s Day? Sure, some can be useful but if you take a look in your kitchen the trendy gadgets are about as useful as that olive pitter you used exactly once. This year, keep it simple. Dad will thank you for leaving those complicated gift ideas behind. What does Dad love? Comfort, hanging out, relaxing, and getting work done are the obvious answers. Following this simple gift guide ensures this Father’s Day you’ll be the one giving Dad exactly what he wants and needs.

Do Robes Make Great Father’s Day Gifts?

Believe it or not, there is a very real chance that your dad grew up without ever going to the spa. Shocking, yes, but overwhelmingly true. With all the hard work Dad does, isn’t it about time he carves out a little Me Time? A Spa Day may not be ranking very high on his to-do list. However, he would instantly enjoy the perks of a spa-quality terry robe, a luxury he can enjoy in the comfort of his own home. If you and Dad share the same sense of humor, don’t miss the chance to sneak in a card with a fun message like: “Hey Dad, You work way too hard. It’s time to have a Spa Day (at home), but I have no intention of applying your face mask.” Looking for another great way to make your Father’s Day gift just a little more personal? Why not add Dad’s initials? They can be monogrammed on the chest of most high-quality robes. Initials not really the name of Dad’s game? There are character restrictions, of course, but with a little forethought you can come up with a special monogram just for Dad. He may be a ten-minute shower type of guy, but once he cozies up in his new plush cotton robe, he’ll be as relaxed as a man fresh out of an hour-long candlelit bath. That’s a gift he’ll enjoy long after Father’s Day.

Are Polo Shirts a Good Father’s Day Gift?

Absolutely. When you give Dad the gift of a polo shirt you know he’ll look ready for anything. In a cool mesh polo, Dad can clean the pool and head out to play a round of golf without changing a thing. Whether he likes cotton or synthetic material, men’s polos are made to keep Dad feeling cool and looking sharp. Polo shirts have stood the test of time largely because they fit so well and have a casual, yet polished look. If you do it right, Dad will feel like it’s Father’s Day every time he wears his polo. Much like robes, men’s polo shirts can also be personalized with a monogram or embroidery. Both look great and it’ll add that extra something to a shirt he’ll keep for years to come.

Would a Vest Be a Nice Father’s Day Gift?

If there’s a Dad out there who doesn’t love an amazing fleece vest, I haven’t met him. Surely, your dad is one of the many men who consider a high-quality vest to be an absolute staple of their wardrobe for at least three seasons of the year. Dads wear vests best while lounging fireside, working outside, and while enjoying a walk with man’s best friend is by his side. It’s no secret that Dads have long declared vests to be the perfect layer for early morning tasks. That’s where you come in. And yes, you can monogram Dad’s vest, too.

Can a Duffle Bag Be a Good Father’s Day Gift?

There’s actually no better gift on this planet. Fill Dad’s duffle bag with everything he’ll need for a fun adventure or an evening under the stars. Pre-pack Dad’s durable bag with shirts, pants, and various other essentials. Then send him off on a much-needed vacation (even if it’s just a weekend at the family cabin or that great lake house you rented). Pack every pocket with a fun surprise to let Dad know he’s appreciated. Most high-quality duffle bags can also be personalized, which saves Dad so much hassle.

Is Denim a Great Gift for Dad?

What has Dad loved for literally decades (even long before you were born)? Jeans and jean jackets. To its credit, denim has come a long way since Dad was first introduced to the casual confidence of jeans. While it’s true, years of wear and tear do make a great pair of jeans even better, Dad wouldn’t mind hitting the refresh button on that stack of pants in his closet. Ultra-trendy jeans with predesigned holes in them probably won’t win Dad’s heart. (Don’t take it personally. It’s a Dad thing.) The denim diehard living deep within the man won’t shy away from vintage denim style that takes him back to his youth. Getting Dad new jeans can help write a new chapter in his denim experience. He can get a comfortable first waistband, which makes jeans more comfortable now that sit-ups aren’t exactly part of his daily routine. Dad will appreciate the fact that today’s denim as durable and good looking as the jeans he grew up in (better actually). It’d be hard to think of a more attractive Father’s Day gift.

Are Sweatshirts and Sweatpants Nice Gifts to Give Dad?

A sweatshirt and sweatpants tag-team combo is the ideal gift for a day spent lounging around at home. So, basically, you are giving Dad the day off when you give him loungewear. Sweats truly are the coziest and whether Dad would like to admit it or not, he deserves to be living a much cozier life.


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