Best Family Activities for Spring 2023

Best Family Activities for Spring 2023

Happy spring! This beautiful season is a wonderful time to go on adventures and make fresh memories with your family. Spring also brings warmer weather, meaning your family will be more willing to do some activities that require them to be out in nature for more extended periods. Though the early spring weather may still be cool enough for lightweight jackets, such as packable jackets, your group will enjoy the all-around warmer days. Need help to decide on how to enjoy the new season with your family? Read our suggestions below.

Camp Out in Nature

Camping during winter is still doable, but many people prefer to wait for the weather to warm up. Camping trips provide a terrific opportunity to hang out with the fam and explore the wonders of nature. Additionally, camping trips can work as an educational activity to get your kiddos to learn more about plants and animals.

When preparing for the trip, think about the activities you want to do and the possible weather. Will it be warm enough for swimming? If so, take along swimsuits for everyone in the party. Is there a chance for rainfall? Make sure you pack rain jackets and rain boots or duck boots for all to combat any weather you may encounter.

There are plenty of exciting activities you can do with your family. A traditional camping experience includes toasting marshmallows while sitting around the campfire telling scary stories or strumming a guitar. Your party could also go stargazing, fishing, bird-watching, or hiking. Come up with other interesting games to pass the time, such as a scavenger hunt to get the little ones exploring Mother Nature.

Go on a Nature Walk

Nature walks provide the opportunity to escape the city life or your normal day-to-day activities. That is why a nature walk is a perfect activity your entire crew will enjoy. Since you will be in the sun, pack appropriate apparel, such as moisture-wicking tops and bottoms, and hats that offer additional coverage. Keep everyone’s feet comfortable and sturdy with sneakers that offer ideal cushioning and traction. If you want, finish your ensemble with sunglasses, and make sure everyone is wearing enough sunscreen. Then you are ready to go!

Nature walks work best when you have plenty of time—rather than rushing—to enjoy the outdoors, such as during the weekend or a holiday when everyone is off. To keep the littlest of the pack engaged, play fun games such as “I Spy,” where they look for things found out in the wild. Also, pack enough water and snacks in the backpacks to keep everyone from feeling dehydrated and hangry. You can even bring along your furry friends!

Picnic on a Beautiful Day

Spring is a perfect time for picnicking under the sun. Choose a day with no rain in sight. Then pick out food and drinks to bring along, such as sweet treats, fruit, veggies (perhaps from a farmer’s market or your family garden), sandwiches, potato salad, deviled eggs, and refreshing lemonade and water. Make sure you have enough blankets for everyone. Then, find a neighborhood park and the best picnicking place under some shade. Let everyone wear a favorite casual outfit. However, have everyone dress up a little for picture-perfect moments. Don apparel that will keep everyone cool and comfy, such as linen or cotton sundresses and button-down shirts matched with stylish bottoms.

Tend the Garden

Teach your kids about where food comes from, what types of plants and flowers grow locally, and how bugs help out in the process by having them help you tend to your garden. Have them plant food such as peas and squash, or plants and flowers such as sunflowers that grow well in the springtime. Your kiddos will want to eat the veggies they had a hand in growing! Ask them about their favorite bugs, plants, and flowers while engaging in the activity. Make sure everyone is wearing sun protection and clothes they do not mind getting a little dirty, such as old overalls, cargo pants or leggings, waterproof boots, and gardening gloves.

Enjoy a Trip to a Farmer’s or Flea Market

Many farmer’s markers begin re-opening once spring rolls around, and they make perfect family outing destinations. Farmer’s markets have plenty of food to choose from, so you will be sure to leave with everyone’s favorite. You will find fresh produce, meat, sweets, nuts, home goods, and more! Farmer’s markets sometimes have handmade jewelry, accessories, and art for sale, too, along with entertainment.

Alternatively, your family can enjoy time at a flea market. These markets focus more on vintage goods, antiques, collectibles, and other previously owned items. Some even have food vendors. Allow the little ones to purchase tiny treasures they can keep for a lifetime. You never know what you will find at the neighborhood market!

Springtime means more chirping birds, longer days, and animals leaving hibernation. Spring also brings warmer weather, which means it is ideal for outdoor activities with more time spent under the sun. No matter which activities you decide to do, make sure all the members of your party look and feel their best in comfortable and stylish spring-ready apparel, accessories, and shoes.


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