The Best Fabrics for Winter Business Travel: Staying Comfortable and Presentable

The Best Fabrics for Winter Business Travel: Staying Comfortable and Presentable

It’s that time of year again. With all its snowy glory and chilly temperatures, winter is upon us. Winter brings plenty of opportunities to create outfits for ultimate warmth, comfort, and style. But what about business travel? How do you look professional while keeping warm?

Winter travel can be a little tricky. You have to be ready to navigate the climate of the airport and the city outside the airport. What fabrics do you prioritize when you have to pack bulky winter clothing items? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite fabrics for winter warmth that you can incorporate into your business wardrobe for comfort wherever your work takes you. It’s all about opting for sturdy, warm, business-ready, and cozy fabrics. We’ve got our ideas of what works well.

Body Regions to Protect From Cold

The warmth starts with understanding how to layer clothing and what areas of the body are most important for staying warm. Starting from the top, your head loses a lot of heat, so winter hats are a great way to keep the heat in. Cashmere is a soft fabric that won’t make your head itchy and looks great.

The back of the neck is another area of the body that’s important to protect, as it is susceptible to cold and wind. Scarves and turtlenecks are a great way to shield this area from the elements. Another essential part of staying warm is keeping your core insulated. If the core is warm, the body will be warm. Vests and sweaters are great options for keeping your torso cozy and the rest of your body warm.


First, one of our hands-down favorite fabrics must be cashmere. It's lightweight, soft, and super warm. We love pairing a cashmere cardigan with a dress blouse, slacks, and Chelsea boots. This look will have you cozy while still feeling ready for that business meeting. For extra warmth, pack a cashmere turtleneck to protect the back of your neck from the chilly airport air conditioning.


Wool sweaters are essential for winter business travel. Wool is a classic cold-weather fabric that works hard at keeping you warm so that you can focus on more important things like closing that deal. We chose this material because it naturally breathes and keeps air flowing so you don’t get sweaty and overheat. It’s antimicrobial so it won’t hold on to odors, unlike synthetic fabrics. You’ll stay warm and dry with this fabric pick, which is also very flexible and durable, so it will move with you and stay wearable for years.


We would be remiss not to mention corduroy in our list of business-friendly fabrics that will keep you warm this winter. We are huge fans of corduroy not just because of the classic look but because corduroy is super soft and comfortable. It’s a durable, reliable fabric that happens to be stain-resistant. Corduroy makes an excellent jacket material, and plenty of jacket styles are available, making it great for a range of occasions. Opt for a tailored corduroy jacket for business occasions. Bonus points for a corduroy pantsuit—we love this look because it keeps you warm all day while providing a professional look that helps you feel confident. Corduroy pants women are excellent, and they can be dressed up with beautiful suede or leather ankle boots and classy gold jewelry.


Fleece, the queen of winter wear, is not just a casual fabric. It can be a great addition to the business dress wardrobe. We encourage you to check out women’s fleece including blazers for their style and high-quality warmth. With a fleece blazer, you’ll keep warm while looking great. A blazer looks fantastic with a white turtle neck and slacks. These blazers create a stunning silhouette thanks to the jacket’s princess seams.


Although silk might surprise you as one of our business-friendly winter fabrics, hear us out. In this section, we’re talking about silk thermal underwear. It’s the layer you didn’t know you needed. There will be extremely cold days where you need an extra layer to keep warm during business meetings or walking between event halls. Thermal shirts and pants are a great way to keep warm underneath your cute business attire. They are ultra-thin so they don’t add any extra bulk to your outfit. The silk material holds in body heat while naturally wicking moisture.

With winter business travel, we take out the guesswork when packing your bag for your trips. The results are in—cashmere, wool, corduroy, fleece, and silk made our list. Whether flying across the country or taking a meeting a few hours away, being prepared with the proper clothing makes a big difference in warmth and comfort.


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