Best Dog Hoodies to Buy for Fall and Winter

Best Dog Hoodies to Buy for Fall

If you have a four-legged friend, maybe you treat them like one of your own kids by buying little outfits for them and making sure every need is met. Or maybe you’re the opposite and feel like dogs should be treated like dogs, not like kids or members of the family. Or maybe you’re somewhere in between. Nonetheless, don’t assume that dogs are immune to cold temperatures.

Just because they don’t complain about being cold doesn’t mean they aren’t. Dog sweaters, hoodies, and jackets are common these days, probably because they’ve come a long way in terms of comfort for your doggos. Plus, walks are much more enjoyable for them when they’re warm and dry. If you’re considering a dog hoodie for your pooch this fall, here are the best types to look for.

A Lightweight Hoodie

Some dogs have shorter fur, so it’s only natural that they get chilly during cooler temperatures, even in the summer months. For small dogs like miniature greyhounds or dachshunds that have very short hair and not a lot of fat to keep them warm, they tend to enjoy wearing something thin and light to keep the chill at bay, even on those warmer fall days. Consider a lightweight hoodie as your standby if you have a dog that tends to curl tightly when cold or if you notice them shivering a bit when trying to get comfortable. Hoodies are better than throw blankets for keeping dogs warm because you don’t have to worry about your dog chewing it.

A Thicker Hoodie

Just like you’d use a lightweight hoodie on warmer days, you’ll want your pup to have a thicker hoodie or sweater for those colder days when you’re not yet ready to turn on the heat but are ready to dress in layers. After all, if you’re tempted to reach for one of your comfy hoodies when you’re cold, your dog is probably feeling chilly as well. Just make sure it isn’t so thick that they’re too warm; some are better for use outside than inside. Nonetheless, consider the material it is made of as well. Something like Supima cotton will ensure your pup stays super soft and comfy.

A Waterproof Hoodie

There are so many cute rain jackets out there for dogs, but some of them can be quite stiff, making it difficult for them to move around in. If you find that there are days when you’re bundled up in a rain jacket and your women’s duck boots for your daily walk, don’t you think your dog might want protection, too? Remember, dogs can’t talk to us about why they’re feeling uncomfortable. Even if you don’t think they mind the rain, it’s not fun when they come inside all wet and decide to shake themselves off in front of you. Avoid that mess with a cute waterproof hoodie that covers their head and ears as well as their back to keep them dry.

A Halloween Hoodie

Let your dog in on the seasonal fun by buying him a cute Halloween-themed hoodie. The great thing about Halloween themes is that he can start wearing it in September and also use it on Halloween as a costume. So if you’re taking the kids trick-or-treating, don’t forget to let your dog join you. He’ll love all the attention he gets from the other trick-or-treaters. Do a simple internet search for “Halloween dog hoodie” and see what you find. Some popular ones are pumpkins with a little green stem coming out of the hood, or a one with a skeleton that glows in the dark at nighttime. Have fun with it!

A Reflective Hoodie

Speaking of nighttime, if you tend to take your dog for a walk in the early morning hours or late evening, you’ll need something that ensures visibility to drivers on the road. Choose a dog hoodie with reflective tape on it so that the headlights illuminate it from a distance and drivers can see your dog before they get too close. Pair it with a reflective leash or collar, and you’re good to go. Don’t forget about yourself, either. Drivers are more likely to see both of you if you’re wearing a women’s coat or vest that has a reflective coating as well to help drivers see you in the dark.

Don’t forget about your dog as the seasons change. Any of these hoodies will help make sure your pooch stays warm and comfortable when the mercury drops this fall and winter.


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