Best Colors To Wear With Warm Skin-Tone and Grey Hair

Best Colors To Wear With Warm Skin Tone and Grey Hair

As we get older, our bodies change; from how they handle and feel to how fast we operate and how much we can move or carry. Our looks change too. One of the most common signs of aging for men and women alike is going grey. Grey hair is a natural part of aging, but adapting to the change doesn’t have to be hard! With the right color combinations for grey and your skin tone, make the most of your natural look. Whether you’re just starting to get a few greys or have gone full silver fox, you can look and feel your best with these best colors for grey hair and warm skin tones.

First off, a warm skin tone generally means you’re an "autumn." Warm color tones are yellows, oranges, reds, and browns, while cool tones are blues, greens, and purples. If you’re not sure where you fall on the skin-tone color spectrum, consult the internet, or a local cosmetics counter or drug store. Makeup experts and artists can easily help you identify your natural spectrum and tones. Once you’re sure what your natural skin tone is, you can move forward in finding the perfect colors to look and feel your best.

Soft and Smoky Shades

For warm skin tones and grey hair, soft and smoky shades are ideal colors. Think a rose or other dusty pink, or a soft neutral like beige. These tones work well with your skin’s natural warm tones without getting too light. Play with colors by trying a dusty pink pair of Bermuda shorts or capri pants. Focus on one color by keeping the rest of the outfit black or white, with just the pop of pink in one area to draw the eye and keep things interesting with your look. You can customize to your personal taste and style with accessories and shoes, too, but any item in pink or beige will complement your natural tones well.

Play With Warm and Cool Tones

Another great way to play with your color schemes is to mix warm and cool tones. Since your skin tone is warm and your hair is grey, adding cool tones will keep things fun and interesting. Deep cool shades like teal or violet will help highlight your natural colors and complement your skin well. Chambray shirts in different blue shades are also great to juxtapose your warmth with the cool tones. Mixing these different spectrums together will highlight your natural look without overpowering or washing you out. It’s a win-win!

Reach High Contrast in Black and White

With warm skin tones and grey hair, contrast is your friend when it comes to color coordination. Go for looks that achieve high contrast, like black and white colored dresses that act as a one-item full outfit. This kind of print also lets you get away with a simpler silhouette since the pattern is interesting enough on its own.

Black dresses are scientifically more slimming because of the way the color works for you. Black and white play naturally with the eye and focus the attention in the right areas. Plus, this monochromatic palette looks great on pretty much everyone, no matter their skin tone, hair color, or age. Checked patterns, stripes, florals, and other color-blocked patterns are awesome for looking fun and fresh without having to go bold with your colors. Again, it’s all about your personal taste and style, so find the black and white piece that’s perfect for you.

Brighter With Deeper Shades

Sometimes the combination of a warm skin tone and grey hair can slightly wash you out. For this reason, be careful to avoid overdoing the warmth you add to your already warm tone. You can still have warm tones in your look but try wearing a yellow dress with a bright, cool-toned blue cardigan sweater. Brighter, deeper shades are the way to go to avoid this — remember, contrast is key. Bright and deeper colors will help you look as dynamic as you are. Your style isn’t one-note, and neither are you, so don’t settle for color schemes that are dull. Instead, go darker, brighter, and deeper to keep your color contrast high and your outfits working for you, and not against you.

Give Up Gold for Silver

While it may be tough to hear for some of us, it’s time to ditch the gold. For jewelry and accessories, silver is the natural way to go that will complement your silver locks. Gold jewelry against your silver hair may not feel as natural and complementary. So opt for silver jewelry and accessories to accentuate your hair from now on!

Dressing to complement your looks as you mature can be a wonderful journey of self discovery at any age. With the right colors, tips, and tricks, you can look and feel your best at every season of your life. Stay true to your personal style with your greys. Some things get better with age: like you.


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