The Best Colors To Wear With Orange Shoes

What Color Goes With Orange Shoes?

Orange is one of those colors that feels intimidating until you wear it. It’s fun and bright, and it goes with more items in your closet than you’d expect. When it comes to orange shoes, they’re even more versatile because of their understated nature and ability to match with several items in your closet. You don’t have to try to incorporate an orange dress into your look, you can go an easier route by incorporating orange shoes.

If you struggle to find the right colors to wear with those orange shoes, don’t fret. Here are the best colors to wear with your orange shoes.


Navy and orange is a great pairing that you’ve probably already worn—there are all sorts of navy and orange bathing suits out there along with navy and orange dresses and skirts. So, wear your orange shoes with a pair of navy khakis or chinos and a plain white button-down shirt or white tee shirt. And just like that you’ll be rocking this classic color pairing and looking stylish enough for any event.


Black and orange isn’t just a Halloween color scheme, instead, it’s a duo that goes together all year-round—and, as the saying goes, black truly does go with everything. So, when you put on a black dress with some orange shoes, you’ll be ready to take on the day. Or, you can try a monochromatic black outfit (minus the shoes!) made up of a pair of black jeans and a black long-sleeved tee. How’s that for chic?


At first thought, you may not consider pink when choosing an outfit to go with your orange shoes, but let this be your advice to try out a pink outfit with those orange shoes for a bold, colorful look that we guarantee you’ll love. If you have a pair of orange flats or orange high-heeled shoes, slip on a pink cotton dress for a fun outfit for date night. Or, for something a little dressier, put on a pink chiffon dress. With a more casual outfit, you could wear your orange flats or sandals with a pair of pink chinos or pink Bermuda shorts.


White is another one of those colors that goes with everything, including orange. In the summer months, wear your orange shoes with a pair of white pants and one of your tunic tops in a neutral color like beige or light grey.


Think of fall leaves—orange and brown—the colors go well together in nature so it makes sense for an outfit, too. You can try a brown romper or jumpsuit, or a pair of brown pants with a white shirt and your go-to orange shoes. This outfit is great for a visit to the farmers’ market (just don’t forget your hat, sunblock, and tote bags!). or a visit to your local museum. It’s also a great color to wear if you are looking to balance out the brightness of the orange-colored shoes with a more muted tone.


For something a little more colorful than brown but still muted overall, try to wear your orange shoes with some burgundy pieces of clothing. This can mean a burgundy pencil skirt or a go-to burgundy dress. The color is rich but not too overwhelming so you’re orange shoes will still pop.

An added plus? This is an unexpected yet gorgeous color pairing, so don’t be surprised if you hear more than one person compliment your great outfit. And, similar to brown, it’s another nice fall-inspired look that can be worn all year.


As a neutral color, gray tends to go with everything, including your orange shoes. You can easily slip on some gray pants, your orange shoes, and a gray top for a look that will have you all dressed and ready for your workday. Or, you can put on a gray sweater dress for a winter look that incorporates a pop of color via your shoes.

Orange may seem intimidating, but many colors actually go with the bright hue. Don’t be afraid to go the bold route with a pink and orange outfit, either. Or, you can work your way up to it by starting with orange and white and moving up to orange and burgundy and then orange and pink from there. Life is too short to wear the same colors all the time, so wear the orange shoes.


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