6 Things to Look for in a Packable Coat

6 Things to Look for in a Packable Coat

Traveling with a coat doesn't need to be a bulky, inconvenient weightlifting exercise. Instead, find the best winter coats for travel this season and stay warm and smiling all winter long. Versatile, easy-to-pack coats make for an excellent travel companion on a cold day. Make sure that you consider these six things when looking for a packable coat.

1. Multifunctional Coats

Think about where you’re going to wear the jacket. Weather can vary so much. So, coats that cover a variety of weather conditions are best suited for travel since they can tackle anything Mother Nature throws their way. If you're traveling to a cold-weather climate, you'll want a coat that not only blocks the cold with powerful insulation but also keeps the wind and moisture at bay. Long winter coats are another great option if you're traveling to an area known for bad weather, windy days, or extreme cold. If you’re going somewhere rainy, consider a coat that’s waterproof and warm. Sometimes you might just need a windbreaker. No matter where you go and what the weather is, there is a jacket to suit your needs.

2. Layer Up

One of the toughest situations to pack for is when you're traveling to an area with a highly variable climate or you're bouncing from a warm-weather destination to a cold-weather destination. What do you wear when the weather is all over the map? The best way to pack for variable weather is to utilize a smart layering system. Start with something insulating, such as a fleece jacket, and a wind or rain layer. This gives you the flexibility you need to mix and match attire for maximum comfort. Not to mention, each layer gives you plenty of different options to show off your style, meaning that you'll have more outfits overall to choose from during your trip.

3. Easy to Clean

Traveling for more than a week without doing laundry can be such a hassle. You shouldn't have to worry about cleaning your favorite coats. Bring coats that utilize quick-drying materials, such as synthetic fleeces and microfibers, over water-loving cotton. Coats that have a water-resistant outer layer tend to fare better if you accidentally spill your favorite cup of coffee since they can easily be wiped off instead of having the liquids soak in. Always carry a stain-removing pen to use in a jiffy, but take care to pack stain-resistant jackets so you can travel worry-free.

4. Fits Anywhere

Ever tried to stuff a full suitcase with a big, bulky coat? We have, and trust us, no one wants to sit on their suitcase every time the zipper needs to shut. For packable down coats, look for designs that compress easily and think about their size in relation to your suitcase. Some women's rain jackets can fit into their own pockets, while down coats can be folded and rolled into their hoods or may even come with a special stuff sack. Packable, compressible coat designs take up less space and are far easier to pack than their bulkier cousins. The best part? Simply unroll and let the coat relax and you'll have a stylish, as-good-as-new look in only a matter of minutes.

Packable coats can also be used in everyday situations. For example, you can keep them packed away in your car, in case the weather changes. You can carry them in a purse or briefcase as well. You could even keep a packable coat in an emergency bag.  No matter where you might need a coat next, a packable jacket might be right for you.

5. Versatility for Any Look

Of course, travel coats should consider function, otherwise what's the point? But having a functional outer layer doesn't mean you need to sacrifice style. Consider your style when buying a coat for travel. What colors do you frequently wear? Try and select a coat that complements your favorite outfit, so you don't have to worry about bringing multiple coats for the same job. Often, neutrals, grays, and blacks make suitable choices since they are easy to dress up or down using your favorite stylish accessories, such as cute boots and a colorful scarf. The result is a stress-free travel wardrobe that delivers the ultimate in comfort and personal style.

6. Day-in-Day Out Wear

Going on a two-week getaway with one single travel coat doesn't need to present a laundry dilemma. Your travel coat shouldn't just look and feel flawless, but it should be well-suited for all-day, everyday wear. Wools and anti-odor synthetic materials work tirelessly to deliver a fresh look every day. That's because these materials don't absorb pesky odors, and actually repel them. Avoid cotton and polyester, since these materials tend to absorb and attract smell. The result is a fresh, clean look that is just as wonderful as you are.

Look for a versatile packable jacket that stores away easily when you're on the plane or on a long drive. That way you won't have to carry multiple layers but can instead use one mighty layer to keep you toasty and looking your best. You can look and feel good, no matter the destination, with these six things to look for in the perfectly packable travel coat.

The bottom line is you can never have enough packable coats! The age-old problem with coats has always been their size and bulk. When that’s eliminated, there is only upside to a foldable jacket. 


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