Best Chic Basics for Everyday Wear

Best Chic Basics for Everyday Wear

Having the basics down pat is essential when it comes to creating a functional, minimalist wardrobe full of versatile, high-quality pieces. Think of basic clothing staples as the foundation for your whole wardrobe. Once you know the pieces that are best for you—pieces that are as functional and practical as they are stylish—you can enjoy greater confidence in putting together fabulous outfits with minimal effort. In this post, we will take a look at some of the best chic basics for everyday wear.

A Go-To Pair of Jeans

Every woman deserves to have that one pair of jeans that is perfect in every way for her. For some women, it’s a pair of high-rise straight-leg jeans in a light wash. For others, it’s a pair of dark blue skinny jeans. It all depends on your personal preference and body type. Take your time shopping around for jeans that truly represent your style and accentuate your figure. Always make sure to try the jeans on first and see how you look and feel in them. Think about the tops and footwear choices you could wear with those jeans. A go-to pair of jeans is a must-have for everyone who wants to put together a versatile, minimalist wardrobe.


What jeans are to public outings, leggings are to days at home. Honestly, what else would you want to wear when you are indulging in a binge of your favorite TV show or catching up on housework around your home? Leggings are fabulous for any activity, from sleeping to working out to running errands. Have at least one black pair of leggings for any occasion, and then play around with other legging styles and colors. Don’t let anyone tell you leggings can’t be stylish. If you want to wear them out, say for a brunch meetup with girlfriends or a trip to the grocery store, pair leggings with a tunic sweater or oversized tee, and complete the look with a pair of sneakers.

Jean Jackets

There are a few jacket staples that every woman should own in her lifetime, and one such jacket is the jean jacket. It’s something that can be worn on a crisp spring morning, a cool summer evening, and a chilly fall day. It can be worn with so many other pieces, from sundresses to leggings to jeans. A jean jacket is your friend when you want to add more dimension to your outfit and have a second layer to keep you warm. Even better, denim is a very durable material, so you can enjoy the fact that a jean jacket will last you for many seasons.

Flannel Button-Ups

Everyone should have a flannel shirt, especially by the time fall comes around. Not only are they the quintessential fall fashion staple perfect for pumpkin patch outings and fall family portraits, but they are also a clothing essential designed for warmth and comfort. When you want a second layer at home, throw on a flannel button-up. When you are heading out for the day, you can wear a flannel shirt over your first layer or with another jacket over the flannel. When styling flannel, nothing beats a flannel shirt, and denim jeans combo finished off with a pair of brown leather paddock boots or duck boots.

Solid-Colored Tees

If you are striving for a minimalist wardrobe, having a few solid-colored, fitted tees is a must. For example, if you want to perfect the dressy casual look for a work setting, pair a crisp white tee with straight-leg, light wash jeans and finish the look off with black heeled boots. If you want a monochromatic look, pair a black tee or tank with black skinny jeans. Have at least one white tee and one black tee in your wardrobe, and you will be amazed by how many different outfits you can come up with.

All the Sweaters

There is no such thing as having too many sweaters (even if your goal is to create a capsule wardrobe). There are so many style varieties when it comes to sweaters, so, understandably, you might have more sweaters in your wardrobe than any other article of clothing. If you live in a particularly cold climate, it’s best to have several sweater options in your closet. But even if you don’t live in a cold region, you should have a handful of sweaters to choose from. If you are starting with the basics, invest in three different styles: an open cardigan, a tunic, and a turtleneck. Should you want more high-end luxury in your life, treat yourself to a cashmere sweater.

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