Best Boots to Take From Town to the Trails

Best Boots to Take From Town to the Trails

If you've ever owned a great pair of boots, you know that the right shoes can take you anywhere. This is the footwear that you can count on to go anywhere and do anything. Whether you're up for a hiking trail adventure, a night out with friends, or a relaxing backyard bonfire, a good pair of boots matches all your favorite outfits — and can get mud on them from time to time.

There’s a boot or shoe that can do double-duty in the city and the trails for every season. Here are the best boots to take from town to the trails.

For the Winter

When it gets cold outside, your go-to boots should be functional, warm, and cute. You may also have to be prepared for icy conditions, depending on where you live. Snow boots look amazing with skinny jeans and thermal leggings, which just calls for a comfy tunic sweater and scarf. as you can see, the right shoes set the stage for the perfect winter outfit.

Not only will you look great while walking around town with your friends, but you can also take these dependable winter boots anywhere, including a winter hiking trail. Take lace-up squall insulated boots, for example. Though they are lightweight, these boots are insulated and water-resistant — perfect for snowy conditions. Also, the predominantly nylon exterior is easy to clean so you don't have to worry if a little mud gets on them.

If you want a boot that is going to match all your cozy winter outfits, pick one that is of a neutral color like black or gray. The All-Weather Winter Snow Boot in black has a neutral look that is fitting for a lunch out with the family or a hike out in the fields. Its functional outer layer protects your feet from the snow and slush. It is also water-resistant and insulated to keep heat inside while an extra layer of plush fleece lining keeps your feet warm on the coldest of days. To make room for thick winter socks, the full-size zipper makes it easy to take this boot on and off.

For Spring and Fall

Transitional seasons like spring and fall are still crisp enough to make wearing boots comfortable. However, it is important to pick footwear that will not feel too hot. While you may prefer high boots in the winter, low boots are a better choice for spring and fall. For instance, the leather side zip Chelsea boots are a great fit for transitional weather that often calls for a light sweater or cardigan.

Another popular choice for spring and fall is a pair of rain boots. In many climates, spring and fall are notoriously rainy seasons. Having a pair of rain boots to navigate slick streets and trails is essential for anyone who wants to stay active. Both styles of boots just look fabulous with women's jeans and leggings. Dress them up with your favorite spring and fall fashion staples such as blouses and flannel and you’ll have a great seasonal outfit.

Summertime Footwear

When it gets hot outside, it is time to transition from boot weather to comfort shoes. For a summer shoe that can handle all the rugged yet urban delights you hold dear, the all-weather slip-on moccasin shoe will be your rock. Its tough weather exterior is easy to clean and has a rustic charm while you're on the trails — or at the mall. They are simple to put on in a moment's notice, which makes off-the-cuff adventures easy to join.

The off-beaten path can also take you to a beautiful riverbank. Don't let the moment pass you by, but instead, put on your slip-on water shoes and keep exploring. This shoe is made of lightweight mesh and breathable — perfect for hot days. It can protect your feet from sharp rocks, but also look fabulous with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt in town. Whether you choose a mocassin or a water shoe, both types of footwear are amazingly functional for all the summer adventures that you can find in nature and the city.

For every season, there is a shoe that you can depend on to wear in town and the trails. Which shoes do you want to include in your wardrobe for the upcoming months?


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