Best Big and Tall Men's Shorts for a Backyard BBQ

Best Big and Tall Men's Shorts for a Backyard BBQ

Summer is here, and it's time to break out the grill! Backyard barbecues are great ways to bring people together to talk about summer plans and summer trips and have some overall summer fun while eating some delicious food. Whether you are hosting or are a guest, you may be trying to figure out what's a good choice for a big and tall man to wear to a backyard barbecue.

Most answers will include shorts. The sun during this season can get pretty toasty, so finding the right pair of big and tall shorts is important for surviving the heat. Here are some of the best big and tall shorts you can wear to a backyard barbecue.

First, the Fit

Finding shorts that fit can really make a difference in your outfit—the difference between looking like you know what you are doing and, well, not. The first thing to pay attention to in a potential pair of shorts is the length of the inseam. The inseam is the sewn line that runs along the inner thigh. This seam tells you how far the shorts will reach down your leg. The trick is to find shorts that end above your knee, both when standing and sitting down. To find what you like, you'll initially have to try on different pairs while standing and sitting to see which lengths you prefer. After you have your preferred length, you can shop around a lot more quickly.

Another thing to pay attention to is whether the shorts follow the line of your leg. Properly fitting shorts should help to slim your legs. If the shorts don't follow your legs and instead flair out, you know your shorts are probably a bit too baggy. The difficult part is, that while you don't want your shorts too loose, they also shouldn't restrict your movement. Try sitting down and standing up again to test a pair of shorts. These actions should give you a good understanding of whether or not a pair of shorts is hindering you.

Dark Chino Shorts

These are the most formal of shorts. The chino material is sturdy and simple, making these shorts perfect for just about every occasion. You may even be able to get away with wearing them to the office, but certainly to a barbecue! Chino shorts are usually flat in front with no pleats, and they may even have no pockets. That is what the griller's apron is for! Choose a dark color for a slimming effect and to conceal any oil splashes or condiment stains you may pick up during your barbecue party. Black and gray are great choices if you prefer a more monochrome look. Navy or dark khaki are also nice colors, yet they still keep things neutral. Pair your shorts with a big and tall dress shirt with an unbuttoned collar and the sleeves rolled to the elbow or a short-sleeved men's polo shirt to complete this look. Since your shorts are a neutral color, you can be pretty free in your choice of shirt color. Add espadrilles or boat shoes, and you are barbecue-ready! Have a blast!

Jean Shorts

We jump to some of the most casual shorts: the jean shorts. Cut-off jeans can work for a very informal occasion. If you are hoping to look a little nicer, just make sure your cuffs are hemmed properly. The fitting recommendations apply here too. Let your shorts follow the line of your leg while giving you freedom of movement, and have them end above your knee. The darker the wash, the more formal. Black jean shorts will get you close to a chino shorts look, while lighter washes will lend themselves to more laidback looks. Darker jeans can work with a polo shirt or a nice v-neck T-shirt. Lighter jeans match well with white men's big and tall tee shirts or even graphic tees on the most informal end. Flip-flops or sneakers and a cool pair of sunglasses finish this backyard barbecue look. Dig in!

Patterned Shorts

Patterns can sometimes be a little scary. Some of them look good, others do not, and it's hard to make a decision. For the big and tall man, you don't need to be afraid of patterns. You just need to remember a few simple things to help guide you when making your shorts choice. Bigger patterns generally enlarge. If you're trying to balance out a heavier top half, you may want a larger pattern for your shorts. On the other side, if the pattern is too small and delicate, it may also draw attention to how much you are trying to cover. Therefore, if you would prefer to minimize, go with medium patterns. Perhaps medium-sized checks or dots. Vertical lines could also be a good idea since they lengthen you by drawing the eye up and down, making you look leaner. Since you have a pattern on the bottom, your best bet is a simple shirt on top. Remember your shoes, and you're good to go!

With these big and tall shorts and their outfit options, you can be ready for a fun summer full of backyard barbecues!


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