Best Big and Tall Fleece Jackets to Wear for Any Occasion

Best Big and Tall Fleece Jackets to Wear for Any Occasion

The fleece jacket is a fall and winter wardrobe staple, and for good reason. This type of outerwear is casual yet stylish, along with being toasty warm and easy to layer. There are men’s fleece jackets in a variety of sizes, including big and tall. If you're a big and tall size and looking for wearable fleece jackets this season that meet your body's measurements, keep on reading.

The Quarter-Zip

Slip into a quarter-zip men's fleece jacket for laid-back style and lightweight warmth. One reason to choose a quarter-zip style is versatility. You can wear it zipped up for coverage and warmth or unzip it for a relaxed look that shows off what you’re wearing underneath.

For optimum softness, look for brushed fleece. This material has a cozy feel, and because it’s made from polyester it’s sturdy and machine washable. When it comes to features to look for, a taped neck seam helps ensure comfort and avoid chafing. You might also want a quarter-zip fleece with an anti-static finish to prevent static electricity and an anti-pill finish to keep those pesky lint balls from accumulating.

When it comes to pairing your quarter-zip fleece with other pieces, you can’t go wrong with a T-shirt underneath and a pair of men’s big and tall jeans or sweatpants. If you want a dressier look, you can even wear a fleece jacket with chinos.

The Snap-Neck Pullover

Another option is the snap-neck fleece pullover. It has a slightly more formal look than the quarter-zip style, so you can wear it anywhere you’d wear your favorite sweater. For plenty of warmth, choose a pullover made from T-200 fleece, which retains heat without being bulky.

As with any fleece, it’s a good idea to select a style with an anti-static and anti-pill finish. This keeps your pullover looking in like-new condition no matter how much you wear it. Pet owners can appreciate this type of fabric because dog and cat hair won’t cling as easily as it does to untreated fleece.

There are snap-neck pullovers in a variety of colors and prints, including wintry Fair Isle patterns and traditional plaids. Layer your fleece pullover over your favorite tee, or even over a long-sleeve thermal shirt. When it comes to pants, you can wear this style with everything from jeans to men's khaki pants.

The Sherpa-Lined Shirt Jacket

Go for plush comfort with a sherpa-lined fleece shirt jacket. As its name suggests, this style is a cross between a shirt and a jacket for optimum fashion versatility. There are big and tall shirt jackets that look like flannel shirts, along with hooded styles for when you need more warmth.

When it comes to material, you’ll find shirt jackets made from 100 percent brushed cotton fleece. Cotton is a breathable, durable fabric that’s machine washable, so it offers many of the same benefits as the previously mentioned polyester fleece. The sherpa lining of these shirt jackets is polyester, making it super-soft and sturdy.

These shirt jackets have a roomy fit, so you can wear them over a T-shirt. If you need more warmth on extra-cold days, wear one of these fleece jackets over men's turtlenecks. They go with men's chinos, jeans, and athletic pants, so experiment with different pairings to find your favorite look.

Crew Necks and Hoodies

A discussion about big and tall fleece jackets isn’t complete without discussing crew neck and hoodie sweatshirts. While not technically jackets, they can be worn for the same purpose. If you want a crew neck fleece that’s plush and warm, consider adding a Serious Sweats style to your wardrobe. This collection contains thick, cushiony cotton/polyester pieces that are warm, stylish, and machine washable.

You won’t have to worry about your crew neck fleece shrinking in the wash if you choose one that’s garment washed. Reinforced shoulder seams are another good feature to look for, as they’re highly resistant to wear and tear. Fleece on the inside as well as the outside makes this type of men’s shirt ultra-comfortable for any occasion.

There are Serious Sweats hoodies from which to choose, too. They have the same fleece-lined interior and are crafted from the same cotton/polyester blend fabric—the only difference is the hood and drawcord. These hoodies come in colors such as navy, black, and gray heather, so you can wear them with virtually anything.

More Big and Tall Apparel for Fall and Winter

Fleece jackets aren’t the only big and tall apparel you’ll want this season. Other must-haves include soft, comfy men’s T-shirts, easy-to-layer turtlenecks, and classic button-down shirts for dressy occasions. When it comes to pants, jeans and chinos are versatile for all seasons. You might also want men's sweatpants to match your fleece jacket or sweatshirt. The sweatshirt-sweatpants combo is perfect for lounging around the house, but you can also wear it to the gym or for a trip to the store.

No matter how you wear them, fleece jackets keep you warm and cozy through fall, winter, and beyond. Shop around to find the fleece apparel that’s right for you.


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