The Best Bedding Combos for Stylish Beds

The Best Bedding Combos for Stylish Beds

We spend (or we should spend) about a third of our lives asleep. Sleep allows our bodies to reset from stress, consolidate memories, work out problems, and prepare for another day. Without sleep, brain degeneration is inevitable. Since sleeping is so important, what kind of environment are you sleeping in? Hopefully, it is somewhere you can relax and feel at peace. One aspect of rest is your bed. A mix of comfort and beauty can contribute to the tranquility and rejuvenation of a night of sleep. Let's look at the best bedding combinations for stylish beds.

Floral Cottage Core

The cottage core style is simple, rustic, and elegant. If you don't live in an area conducive to cottage life, consider bringing a little of the outdoors in with some plants and a floral bedspread. Lighter colors lighten the mood, so choose pink roses on a pastel blue background, a white base covered in light green vining plants with little maroon blossoms, or a floral quilt. Look for shams with ruched edges for your larger pillows. Even some lacey layers can add an exquisite touch. Have fun falling asleep in your very own field of flowers!

Boho Living

If you are free-spirited and enjoy a mix of styles, the bohemian bed is for you! Along with a ton of indoor plants, try linen for your comforter coverlet and add some velvet throw pillows. Another idea is to use a throw blanket or two to introduce some different textures. Perhaps one made of shag or something with a Persian rug or mandala design would be interesting. If you don't want to go in that direction, think anything with fringe, and whatever wild throw pillows catch your eye. Stick with muted colors and warm neutrals to encourage a natural environment and a natural sleep cycle.

Asian Sophistication

Does Asian culture inspire you? Dream of the Orient while being enfolded in a silk bedspread. Silk was invented in China, and it is a delightful material to feel all around you as you drift off. Yellow is a royal color in China and gold is the color of wealth in many Asian countries. If you choose a yellow bedspread with gold embroidery, you can relax since you have power and wealth coming to you. Blue symbolizes coolness and calm in Japan and is considered a lucky color. A deep blue bedspread covered in white cherry blossoms is a perfect nod to Japanese culture. Red is a color of good fortune and good wishes in both China and Japan. Add some of that gold embroidery, and you are sure to have a fantastic day each time you wake up in this bedding combo.

Arabic Loveliness

Bold colors and patterns combine beautifully in Arabia-inspired beds. Choose throw pillows set at an angle to make diamonds instead of squares, along with bolsters and other circular pillows. Deep purples with gold fringes and accents, red with silver and white, or a mix of reds, pinks, blues, oranges, and purples create a beautiful setting for sleep. Tassels on anything and everything give a very exotic touch to the whole ensemble. Repetitive, intricate patterns with geometric designs are lovely to contemplate as you fall into your own Arabian night.

Royal Elegance

A gilded bed frame and a lacy canopy set the stage for a royal rest. As for colors, white and gold together are a refined combination. A muted pink with either silver or gold is also very elegant. Deep red or deep purple combined with white recall the sweeping robes lined with white ermine fur of the great monarchs of ancient times. Plus, it sets up a beautifully eye-catching dark-and-light contrast. Silk and faux fur materials, along with lace, can work well together, and if you like patterns, detailed floral or fleur-de-lis designs, and multiple comfy pillows with scalloped pillow shams make your throne complete. Survey your own little kingdom as you dream of adventure and your one true love.

Ocean Dreams

Who doesn't feel at peace on a beach listening to the sound of the tides? Bring a little of that serenity into your sleep experience with ocean-inspired bedding. White and blue for the waves and foamy water make a great combination for your bed. Throw pillows in both colors, and some blue-shadowed marine life swimming about on the bedspread complete this seaside picture. You can also pair tropical watercolors with sandy browns. Let the tide rise up the bedspread to reach seashell and starfish pillows as you float toward your restful night's sleep.

Beds can be the place to let our imaginations roam, especially as we go off to dreamland. They should also be comfortable since sleep is so important. Make your bedspread one that gives you both by channeling these ideas and creating an evening haven of your own.


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