Best Beach Styles for Petite Women

Styles to Wear at the Beach That Compliment You If You Are Petite

Beach-day styles are very different than a normal summer outfit. Instead of your go-to fit and flare dresses and block heel sandals, you’re beach-day outfit revolves around one thing: your swimsuit. For petite women, finding flattering beach styles can be challenging, but, there are many options for swimsuits, coverups, post-beach outfits, and shoes to choose from.

If you’re petite, here are some outfits to wear on your next beach trip.

A One-Piece Swimsuit

A classic one-piece swimsuit is a great option for a petite woman. Why? The simple silhouette and one-piece-of-fabric design mean it will elongate the look of your torso. Plus, one-piece swimsuits are easy. You can easily lounge, body surf, or build sandcastles with your family in this kind of bathing suit—and aren’t those the best parts of going to the beach?

A Long, Flowy Coverup

A long, flowy beach coverup will not only make you feel trendy while protecting you from the sun, but the airy and ground-grazing length of a coverup will make you appear taller. Put a flowy ankle-length coverup over your swimsuit after an afternoon of splashing around and enjoy an instantly flattering style for petite women.

This look is great for an afternoon spent lounging in your beach chair or a post-swim meal at the nearest beach bar. Just grab your custom beach bag and your outfit will be complete.

A Classic Tankini

On the other hand, a tankini can also complement a petite frame. Get yourself a tankini in your favorite color or print to wear on your summer beach days. Our Lands’ End tankinis come in a range of prints, including paisley, stripes, and floral, in addition to solid colors like black and navy.

You can try out a tankini with a skirt bottom or a regular bikini-cut swimsuit bottom, either style works on petite frames. You can layer a sarong or flowy coverup on top of your tankini to create a whole different look. Just be sure the prints don’t clash if you go with a patterned tankini option.

Some High-Waisted Shorts

High-waisted shorts are a flattering, fashionable item for all petite women. The high-waisted nature of the shorts adds length to your waist and torso, while the shorts themselves elongate your legs. On your next beach day, wear a pair of high-waisted shorts over your swimsuit for a look that’s casual, flattering, and easy to slip on and off for a swim.

If you want a more covered-up look, you can wear one of your favorite women’s summer shirts over your swimsuit and tuck it into your high-waisted shorts. For shoes, slip on some simple flip-flops or sandals for an easy beach day look.

A Mini-Dress

As a petite woman, mini-dresses are a great dress choice for a beach day (and throughout the summer months, for that matter). They’re naturally short, so you don’t have to worry about getting your mini-dress hemmed to fit your shorter frame, and are easy to throw on over your swimsuit. For your next beach day, lean into the mini-dress style to show off your petite frame and wear something that truly fits your height.

Wear your mini-dress with a pair of rubber flip flops or dress it up with a pair of slip-on metallic sandals. Either way, you’ll be stylish in your mini-dress. If you expect an ocean breeze, pack a cotton cardigan in your bag to throw on over your mini-dress.

A Pair of Wedges

Wedges are a petite gal’s best friend—they’re comfortable, fashionable, and bring your height up a few inches. Along with your beach towels, wedges are a great item to pack in your beach bag for any after-beach-day activities on your agenda. Going out to dinner? Put on your wedges with your coverup or petite maxi dress . Visiting a beachside bar for a cocktail? Dress up your outfit with a pair of tall wedges.

Plus, the block heel that makes up a wedge means your heels won’t sink in the sand as you walk along the boardwalk.

There are many style options for petite women to wear at the beach. The next time you’re planning a beach day, pack your beach bag with some petite-friendly swimsuits and coverups to keep you on-trend all day long.


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