The Best Bathing Suits for Toddler Boys

The Best Bathing Suits for Toddler Boys

When the weather warms up, it’s tempting to head to the closest body of water and jump in, especially for kids. A trip to a pool or beach is an exciting time. There’s swimming, games with family or friends, and nice weather. The right swimsuit can kick the entire experience up a notch. Toddler boys can be fussy when it comes to what they’re wearing. However, knowing the right bathing suits to get for your toddler boys doesn’t have to be difficult. There are plenty of cool prints they would probably love, from color blocking to stripes. Plus, plenty of designs can keep them comfortable as they play in the water. First, we’ll discuss the various styles you have to choose from for toddler boys. Then, we’ll talk about designs we know they’ll just love. Keep reading!

Swim Trunks

Swim trunks for toddler boys are similar to those you might discover for older boys and men—just sized down. Therefore, they have those same features that’ll keep them comfortable and ready for anything they might encounter during their adventures. One key feature is an elasticized, adjustable waistband that can adjust based on their preference. Also, many quality boys’ swim trunks feature a quick-drying fabric for when they’re ready to build sandcastles by the water. Most swim trunks also feature side or hidden pockets to store all their treasures. Additionally, you’ll more than likely find plenty of swim trunks with UPF protection.

Two-Piece Rash Guard Set

Many toddler boys might wear their swim trunks alone. However, a rash guard top, matched with swim trunks, provides additional coverage from harmful sun rays. You can purchase rash guard tops alone, but why not kill two birds with one stone? These tops usually feature a high crew neck. You can find short and long-sleeved rash guard tops. Plus, many of these pieces have UPF protection built-in and quick-drying fabric.

One-Piece Rash Guard

The last toddler boy swim style on our list is the one-piece rash guard. This style provides even more coverage than a two-piece rash guard set. Many one-piece boys’ rash guards feature long sleeves and a high neck. A fastening type, such as a zip closure, offers easy on and off. Other features are similar to the other styles we’ve discussed, such as UPF protection and quick-drying fabric.

Choosing swimwear based on its fabric is beneficial to keep toddler boys comfy. We’ve mentioned quick-drying fabric, but there are other indicators that’ll let you know how comfortable a swimsuit might be. Polyester is common for swim trunks because it’s lightweight and durable. As for rash guards, look for materials featuring a bit of spandex for stretch. Now that we’ve gone over the most popular swimsuits for boys, let’s talk about designs that they might love.

Bold, Bright Colorblocking

Boys love bright colors like blue and yellow. Find colorblocking designs featuring a combination of their favorite colors. Alternatively, look for suits with bright shades.

Nautical & Tropical Themes

Nautical and tropical themes are common designs for swimsuits. Sailboats, lobsters, pineapples, anchors, palm trees, and sharks are very easy to find on swimsuits of all kinds.

Cartoons & Superheroes

Boys sure do love their cartoons and superheroes. Designers know this and, therefore, produce plenty of suits featuring the latest or most popular cartoons and superheroes.

Other Common Prints

There are plenty of other common motifs boys are drawn to, such as dinosaurs, colorful stripes, lightning bolts, camouflage, and so much more.

Finish Off With Accessories

Elevate their swim looks with the right accessories. Some accessories are stylish and practical. For example, hats with brims, such as a baseball cap, can protect them from harmful sun rays. Bucket hats can also add a dose of style while keeping them protected. You can even find stylish sunglasses for your toddler boys. As for cover-ups, look for hoodie cover-ups that can offer them coverage when they’re not swimming or playing in the water. Also, keep their feet covered with water sandals. Water shoes are great if your toddlers will constantly be transitioning from the water to dryer surfaces. Quality water shoes feature secure fastening and a cushioned footbed.

Finally, pack plenty of fun toys and activities in your canvas tote bag for your little boys to enjoy at the beach or pool. A beach bucket and shovel are items they can use to collect sand to build all types of constructions! They also might enjoy carrying mini backpacks to store their treasures.

There are plenty of swim styles out there for toddler boys. Find the right combination of fabric, design, features, and print. Finish off with accessories that can take his look to the next level. Don’t forget the sunscreen! Most of all, cherish the time spent with your little boys before they get too big, whether heading to the pool or the beach.


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