Best Basics for Your Summer Wardrobe

Best Basics for Your Summer Wardrobe

Every good wardrobe has basics. Since the seasons change, it makes sense that your basics shift around a little bit. And depending on your lifestyle, some basics will make more sense for your closet than others. However, there are some pieces and features that all summer closets share.

First, there are certain elements you just can't do without if you are getting into summer fashion. While it is true that basics focus on neutral colors so you can have a "base" you can build on, the point is to create solid outfit foundations for summer accents. The following summer essentials are unique to the summer season, and it's hard to have a complete summer closet without them. As you build, simplify, or cultivate your summer wardrobe, look for pieces with these details.


Summer and florals are inseparable. The sun is shining, the bees are buzzing, and the flowers are greeting the season in all their glory. Florals aren't known for being neutral, but they are an important element of a summer wardrobe. Some people prefer delicate pink cherry blossoms in vertical lines, while others go for pieces covered in big sunflowers. Everyone has a floral style they like, and everyone has some kind of floral in their summer wardrobe.

Floral women's blouses are classic summer staples, but some may want to focus on accents only. If you are looking for summer accents, try summer scarves in floral patterns. You can tie them on purses, use them as ascots on a windy day, or wear them as bandanas on the weekend. If scarves aren't your thing, maybe a statement purse or tote with a floral focus. A pair of shoes with flowers can also make an outfit interesting without overwhelming your look. Find what works for you, and go for it!

Summer Colors

Again, basics tend to be in neutrals. But who has a summer wardrobe that doesn't have color? Whether you like brighter colors or more subtle tones, there are summer colors just waiting to enliven your closet! Summer colors tend to be what you think of when you think tropical. For those who prefer cool colors, light aqua blues and mint greens like one might find in an island sea are great choices. If you want to go darker, jungle greens and cerulean blue might be more your style. If warmer tones are what you like, summer is bursting with them. Hibiscus red and salmon pink, the orange color of a fiery sunset, and canary yellow are bright and bold. If you want something a little more subtle, go with orange juice orange and lemonade yellow. Look for a piece or accent in a summer color you love, try it on, see if it works for you, and then add it to your summer collection.

Summer Tops

Now we are getting down to the actual basics. To make those summer statements pop, you need a base to work with. Summer tops may vary from person to person, but they all have one thing in common — they are meant to keep you cool. Thin tank tops, absorbent t-shirts, and blowsy blouses are excellent summer wear. In terms of colors, it's hard to wrong with white, but if you want some variation, consider a rose pink or a pale blue. These work well with classic jean shorts or vibrant skirts with island patterns. If you prefer the attention to be on your top, mix in some brighter colors here and there! If you have the basics and need a quick nod to the season, an easy summer accent is that sheer floral kimono wrap. Add a pair of sunglasses, and you are summer-ready!

Summer Bottoms

Summer is when the shorter bottoms get a chance to come out of your closet. The cute shorts and the mini-skirts are ready to be worn. Denim is an excellent basic material. Plus, you can choose a lighter blue to help you in the heat or opt for white. Both colors are important for variety in your summer wear. For colors, that rose pink we mentioned before will match a wide range of outfits. If you want the eye drawn to your lovely legs, go with a brighter pair of shorts or a striped skirt. Skirts of all kinds are welcome in the summertime. From the mini- and midi-skirts to the full-length pieces that flow in the wind, choose something that you will be excited to wear this summer.

Then, of course, when you come across a breezy night, you have the occasional pair of pants. White and blue women's jeans work here, or you could go with a pair of thin, loose cotton pants for a very summer feel.

Summer Dresses

You have to have a summer dress! This is an excellent place to work florals and summer colors into your wardrobe since you don't have to match the dress with anything except shoes. Find a cute piece with enough skirt to allow some airflow, and you can check your summer dress off the list.

After you have collected all of your summer basics, grab a solid pair of sandals, and you can consider your summer wardrobe complete.


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