The Best Vacation Bags You Can't Do Without

The Best Vacation Bags You Can't Do Without

When you’re planning a vacation or weekend getaway, your luggage can be a real pressure point. On one side of the spectrum, no one wants to be lugging around a huge, overweight bag, while on the other end, you need luggage that stands out against the masses so you can recognize it easily at the baggage claim or on road trips with big groups. Depending on where you are traveling and how long you will be away, you’ll need to choose your luggage and bags carefully to ensure everything will fit and that you’re never carrying around more weight than necessary.

From beach bags to duffle bags, you’ll love toting around your must-have travel items and clothes in these favorite bags that are perfect for vacations and weekend trips.

Beach Bags

Beach bags are necessary when visiting a coastal destination. Plan for fun in the sun with a variety of vacation beach bags large enough for you to also transport your favorite belongings for the weekend. Tote bags are a perfect option, with expandable pockets and large amounts of storage that will fit beach towels and other beachside necessities, and they come in woven straw or canvas for hardy and durable wear. Better yet, these beach bags can be entirely customized with an embroidered monogram or initials.

Color coordinate your canvas bag by matching the color of the straps to the color of the lettering for an elegant Cape Cod look that is timeless and fresh. Because these bags are so versatile, they are perfect for traveling anywhere. However, because they are lightweight and durable, they double as perfect beach bags. Don’t forget your sunscreen; the front pocket of many of these travel bags is perfect for slipping any SPF or lip balm in for easy access to safely enjoy hours in the sun.


Whether you’re looking for an overnight bag or carry-on that’s easy to stash your must-have items in, look no further than a backpack. Depending on how much you carry, backpacks can be the perfect answer for busy parents who will have their hands full during travels and fast commuters who need their hands free when zooming through security lines and crowded terminals. Backpacks are available for all ages, from kids to adults, with unique styles that speak to everyone’s personality. Choose a classic canvas look for an adult on the move, or a vibrant pattern for kids so they stand out in a crowd. Like a beach bag, your backpack can be personalized with monogramming or initialing so you can always identify it at the baggage claim. Backpacks make perfect travel bags because they are often lightweight and have plenty of pockets for you to store necessary documents and other items for easy access when traveling. The most beneficial thing about a backpack as a travel bag is that you can be hands-free when navigating new places and don’t have to worry about knocking other people or passengers with heavy bags.

Duffle Bags

The beloved duffle bag! From a weekender to a canvas duffle bag, these carryalls are classic must-have pieces that everyone needs in their travel wardrobe. Duffle bags are perfect for weekend to weeklong trips, and they carry just as much as a small suitcase without taking up as much space. Because they have a soft shell, too, they are often easier to squish places, whether you travel by car or by plane. Duffle bags can be colorful for busy airports or train stations where you need to be able to identify your luggage quickly. They can also be more understated and classic in casual canvas textures. Personalize these travel and holiday bags with your monogram or initials for an elevated look that shows you care.

Tech Bags

For the traveling professional, tech bags are a required part of travel. These bags are perfect for long commutes or business trips and offer protection for your tech gadgets like iPads, tablets, or laptops. Backpacks and tote bags with soft, protective panels or pouches for you to store your delicate hardware are ideal for when you need to pack clothes, shoes, and work items. Additionally, the extra storage and compartments can be great for storing all your documents and papers while on the road. Tech bags typically have all the traits of other travel bags but come with additional protection. Just like any other travel bag, you can personalize these with your initials or monograms, or even your business logo if it’s exclusively for work.

When traveling, it’s always important to take extra care of your belongings–and make sure that you do not leave them unattended or with strangers. Additionally, never leave any important documents like passports or visas in your luggage; carry them on you at all times.


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