Best Bag for Any Trip

The Best Bag for Every Kind of Trip

You’ve been itching to hop on a plane to cash in your mileage points or to roll the windows down as you feel the breeze. Before you go, you’ll need the right bag for your trip. The question is: What kind of bag makes sense for your type of trip? Get ready to hit the road with the best bag for every type of trip.

Travel Backpack

They’re simple. They’re classic. They’re travel backpacks. Find one that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but one that’s durable and built to last. This might end up being the last backpack you’ll ever need to buy. The travel backpack is so versatile because it’s not just for backpacking through the countryside. Use it as a carry-on for the airplane or throw it into the trunk of your car. Opt for one that has a water-resistant finish that helps keep belongings dry.

Duffle Bag

Duffle bags aren’t just meant for the gym. They can be a great travel bag as well. Check out ones in different sizes, like a small or medium everyday travel duffle bag. If you plan on just doing a quick overnight or weekend trip, go for the canvas weekender duffle bag. The women’s weekender bags are genuinely a weekend wonder, made to hold all of your essentials and more. Made out of a durable cotton canvas, exterior and interior pockets provide extra organization, so everything has a place.

Tote Bag

As for our tote bags, these aren’t the run-of-the-mill souvenir tote bags you end up buying last minute at a gift shop. The travel carry-on luggage tote bag tells a different story. It’s constructed from 1680D ballistic nylon to withstand the rigors of travel. Even if that rigor is mostly your toiletries and extra tchotchkes, you just had to get on vacation.

The tote bag is an essential and versatile staple for any seasoned traveler. It’s got a water-resistant finish to help keep belongings safe from the elements and accidents like spills from your little ones. Best of all, its roll-top design offers flexible capacity. Go on and stuff it full for your travels or keep it compact when needed.

Laptop Bag

Whether you’re headed out on a work trip or still need to stay connected, consider laptop bags. If you want one that looks and means all business, go for the classic LE business briefcase in black. It’s your right-hand man with a cushioned laptop sleeve inside with Velcro closure. If you prefer a laptop bag that’s a little more laid-back or doesn’t look like you’re headed straight to the office, try the waxed canvas messenger bag in brown. Do you want a quality messenger bag you can buy now and practically use forever? This is it. Message received.

Fanny Pack

You read that right. The fanny pack is back in style and more fabulous than ever. Travel fanny packs and waist packs are all the rage right now. They’re not just for the dad in your life. Grab one for your little ones, too, if they’re joining in on your travel adventure. Kids’ fanny packs are made just for your kiddo, with bright colors and fun patterns. They can stash extra snacks or their cellphones in the main pocket, and have room for their headphones in the front pocket, too. They’re perfect for recess, school trips, vacations, or whenever they need some extra space to store things.

Kids’ Travel Bag

Traveling with the family but need something more extensive than a fanny pack for your little one? Don’t forget about packing a bigger bag for your kiddo. A duffle bag is perfect for kids on the go. Whether they’re using it as a gym bag for their sports, an overnight bag for sleepovers, or a travel bag for family vacations, this duffle will be their go-to. Not only are the designs super fun, but it’s also very durable, so it’ll stand up to years of kids on the go. Alternatively, go for kids’ backpacks that feature a chest strap to take pressure off kids’ shoulders and keeping postures strong. With a reinforced grab handle, best-in-class YKK zippers, and sturdy mesh pockets, these backpacks are perfect for your little ones.

Crossbody Bag

The crossbody bag is a stylish alternative to the backpack or generic tote bag. If you’re a fan of that hybrid sort of style, you’ll love the lightweight canvas crossbody tote bag. It’s narrower and lighter than our traditional canvas tote bag but tested to hold up to 350 pounds. This crossbody bag is seriously meant to carry the day. The silhouette follows that of her sister, the traditional canvas tote. This best-selling bag is narrower and deeper. It’s lighter, too. Unlike some tote bags that have an open-top where all of your essentials are exposed and ready to spill out, this one comes with a sturdy zip-top to keep items safe and secure.

Ultimately, every bag has its own purpose, and every travel bag you have will go wherever the road leads. You’ll be saying yes to adventure, whether that adventure is hiking Mount Kilimanjaro or to your in-laws for the weekend.

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