Best Backpacks for The Beach

Best Backpacks for The Beach

Fewer things say “summer fun” quite like a day at the beach laying out on the sand, splashing in the water, engaging in a competitive game of volleyball, and sipping a cool drink. When you are planning an all-day outing at the beach you need to pack all the supplies and when you are packing the beach supplies, you need a sturdy bag to put everything in! We have highlighted a few of the top backpacks and bags to hold everything you need for a fun day at the beach.

A Drawstring Bag

A drawstring bag is a great choice if you are taking the whole family to the beach and each child needs their own little bag to hold their personal belongings. Drawstring bags are lightweight yet sturdy and able to withstand lots of wear and tear. Plus, it will be super easy to clean a drawstring bag of all the sand that will inevitably end up on and in it. A drawstring bag is just the right size to hold everything your son or daughter needs for their beach day: a swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, bottle of water, and some snacks. Plus, each kid will feel special having their very own bag to hold all their own stuff rather than having their belongings packed into one giant family bag they’ll have to rummage through.

A Fanny Pack

Don’t laugh off a fanny pack just yet! They are incredibly practical and can even be fashionable! Fanny packs are excellent for both kids and adults and are a fun place to store little items you don’t want to lose or have stuck at the bottom of a huge beach backpack. When heading to the beach, store your keys, wallet, cash, and other important little trinkets in a fanny pack. The kids will get a kick out of them too and can put things like little toys, a small snack, or electronic devices in them to keep them safe from the sand and water. And if you happen to be on a beach vacation in a new city or country, having a fanny pack strapped around your waist offers great security. Rather than carrying a purse, put your valuable belongings in a small fanny pack that can easily be concealed under a shirt.

A Sports Backpack For Kids

Like a drawstring bag, a small or medium-sized sports backpack is a great kids’ backpack to have for a day at the beach. Not only will they be able to use it for beach days, but it’s also a durable and versatile bag option that can be used for sports games, sleepovers at their friend’s house, or when they go back to school.

At the beach, a sturdy sports backpack can contain all the personal belongings they need. If a drawstring bag won’t fit all their stuff, a sports backpack certainly will. It’s large enough to contain children's beach towels, swimsuit, pair of shoes, a change of clothes, and even a few beach toys. Like a drawstring bag, a sports backpack is designed to withstand lots of wear and tear, so you know your adventurous son or daughter will get plenty of use out of it both at the beach and anywhere else they go throughout the summer.

A Canvas Tote Bag

Of course, when you are planning a family beach day, you can’t just think about backpacks and bags for the kids; you, too, need a quality bag and a stylish one at that! A canvas tote bag is the quintessential beach bag large enough to carry everything you need for your beach outing. In fact, a good canvas tote will be designed to carry up to 500 pounds (although we are sure you won’t have 500 pounds worth of stuff to carry).

The weight limit just goes to show how strong and durable the fabric is and thus, will allow you to get many years of use out of it. Additionally, a high-quality canvas tote should be built with a water-resistant base and trim and be made with a material like cotton, something that is easy to air dry and spot clean. You can also get one that is monogrammed with your name or initials or a canvas tote bag with fun, summery colors.

A Canvas Weekend Duffle Bag

A slight upgrade from a regular canvas tote bag is a canvas weekend duffle bag. It’s something that, as the name suggests, can be taken for a weekend getaway, but it is also designed for outdoor activities like a day at the beach. Something with a wax canvas finish will ensure it is protected from dampness and a canvas weekend duffle bag with zippered internal and external pockets will keep your small and large items safe from the elements.

Have you found the perfect beach bag to fit your needs? We’ve highlighted a few examples above, but shop around until you find the right bag for you!


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