Best Backpacks for Kindergartners

Best Backpacks for Kindergartners

Back to school is a busy time when families transition into a new routine. Finding a new rhythm can take some practice, especially when a child enters kindergarten. Not only do you have to prepare for the change emotionally, but there are many errands to run and meetings to attend. There are many shopping trips in store that include ordering kids’ school uniforms early so that they are in the closet for the first day of school. It may also be time to invest in new iPads and computers to make sure your children have access to all the learning programs their school requires.

When you do back-to-school shopping, practical items like backpacks, water bottles, lunch boxes, a PE uniform, and any other essentials are also going to be on your list. These will ensure your child has everything they need to navigate the upcoming year successfully. You don’t have to look far to find everything your child needs. Our collection of back-to-school backpacks and other basics come in timeless designs and durable materials, offering incredible value for years of use. Here is what to look for if you want the best backpacks for kindergartners.

Backpacks Made for Busy Days

Once your kindergartners start school, they will be on the go— and their backpacks will be with them every step of the way. Backpacks take a lot of beating during the daily school routine, so getting one built to last is essential. Whether it’s knocked around while riding the bus or hauled to sports practice, sleepovers, field trips, and park playdates, it must handle all sorts of terrain. Be sure your child’s new backpack can stand against tough surfaces like dirt, concrete, grass, and the occasional dirty floor. This fast-paced lifestyle calls for backpacks hardy enough to be thrown in the wash to come out as pristine as the day you bought it. Lower-quality backpacks will fall apart by the end of the school year, but good-quality backpacks can last your child throughout grade school with proper care.

Backpacks With Convenient Storage Options

Kindergartners need a lot of school supplies, even more than higher grades. They do a lot of crafts and have one of the longest school supply lists due to their many hands-on learning activities. This means that your child’s backpack needs lots of convenient storage compartments. Separate internal pockets, zip-up compartments, and side pockets will keep all your child’s odds and ends in place. Staying organized through these simple solutions will help your child locate small items like crayons, pencils, erasers, and their water bottle without needing a lot of help. As they go up in the grades, they will become even more independent and take confidence in storing their school supplies in the most convenient compartments.

Timeless Color and Style

Instead of getting fad designs on your kindergartner’s backpack that will look dated in just a year or two, timeless backpack designs can last your child throughout their grade school years. After all, who wants to be wearing a faded backpack with a slightly forgotten cartoon character on the front pocket in the fourth grade?

Instead, when you choose evergreen designs like galaxy prints, solid colors, florals, or geometric prints, your child’s backpack won’t lose its relevance over time. Trends may come and go, but tried-and-true designs will stand the test of time as the years go on. This will be friendly to your budget and give your child consistency with their belongings. Though your child is small right now, they grow up quickly, and the days of cartoon characters on backpacks will pass.

Tip: If your child absolutely adores a particular TV show or movie, give them a second “fun” backpack for sleepovers and road trips. However, when it comes to lifetime value, evergreen school backpack designs always win. These can even be washed and donated after your child’s grade-school years to give another family years of enjoyment.

Don’t Forget Backpack Accessories

When your child heads to kindergarten, their teacher will know how to ease them into their new school schedule. Most kindergartners will have rest and snack times, so you should include healthy snacks and comfortable nap mats. Insulated kids’ lunch boxes, when used with an ice pack, will keep fresh fruits and veggies ready for snack time. They are also great at keeping sandwiches and yogurt snacks safe to eat until lunchtime.

When you get everything your child needs for their first elementary school experience, everyone will start the year on the right foot. From getting new backpacks to school uniforms, your child will do the best when you equip them for success.


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