Best Backpacks for Kids

Best Backpacks for Kids

What is the school year without all the right school supplies, books, new school clothes, and of course, a high-quality backpack that will last the whole year? If your son or daughter’s backpack is looking a bit tattered, it may be time to invest in a new backpack that is stylish, comfortable, and capable of carrying all their books and other belongings throughout the school day. Like any good shopper, we are sure you want to do your research ahead of time before jumping into any purchase. That’s why we’ve created a list of some of the top backpacks for kids, whether they need them for school or any other reason.

The Rolling Backpack

There’s a strong case to be made that your son or daughter would benefit from having multiple backpacks for different occasions. For example, a rolling backpack with wheels is a great bag choice for your child when you know he or she will be going to sleepaway camp or spending the night at a friend’s house and needs a backpack that will double as a mini suitcase. Fortunately, there are countless color and style options, so there’s a rolling backpack for every type of child to fit their unique personal tastes. Make a fun activity out of backpack shopping and have your child pick the rolling backpack they love best, whether it’s a brightly colored galaxy design, a solid-colored bag, or tie-dye. 

A rolling backpack is large enough to provide plenty of interior space to store clothes, books, devices, shoes, and a laptop, yet is lightweight enough to easily roll around or wear traditionally over the shoulders. Choose a rolling backpack with multiple interior and exterior zippered pockets and compartments to store smaller items like phones, snacks, or keys. Finally, when choosing a rolling backpack, consider the dexterity of the fabric. Something like polyester is great because it’s durable and able to withstand lots of wear, making it a backpack that can be used for many years. 

A Drawstring Bag

In addition to a more traditional backpack, it’s not a bad idea to purchase a lightweight drawstring bag that your son or daughter can have in tow, especially when they need an easy-to-carry bag for the great outdoors. Whether they are heading to a soccer game, going for a hike, swimming at the local pool, or hanging out at the playground, a drawstring bag will hold everything they need for a fun day outside. The best thing about a drawstring bag is that they’re extremely affordable and can be purchased in addition to a sturdier backpack. Like any good backpack shopping experience, make it a fun activity and shop for one with your son or daughter. Give them the option to choose what stylish print or color they like best so it pairs well with their personality and fashion sense. 

A Sports Backpack

If you have a son or daughter who is constantly on the go, running around outside with their friends, or involved in lots of sports, then it’s definitely worth investing in a sports backpack. These sorts of backpacks are designed to hold sports equipment, athletic wear, running shoes, water bottles, and anything else your child might need for their active lifestyle. Whether they are headed to a baseball game, basketball practice, or any other type of sport, a proper sports backpack can be their designated bag while their other backpack can be used strictly for school or personal use. Since a sports backpack will invariably end up holding dirty clothes, pick a bag that has an easy-to-clean bottom compartment. Having a separate space for a damp swimsuit or dirty sports uniform will keep other items in the bag safe and clean. Another fabulous feature to look for when shopping for a sports backpack is exterior loops to hold hockey sticks or baseball bats as well as exterior slip pockets to hold sports balls, water bottles, or a lunch box

A Mid-Sized Backpack

While it’s a good idea to have a large backpack for your child, don’t rule out something smaller just yet. While having a large backpack is a great option, your son or daughter might not need all that extra room. Something slightly smaller and more compact may prove to be far more comfortable on their shoulders, and you won’t have to worry about them straining their back because they’re carrying a heavy load. A mid-sized backpack is perfect because it has enough space to store school books, extra clothing, and other personal items, whether your kid needs it for the school day or any other outing. 

Shopping for high-quality backpacks for your children is not only a great way to invest in useful, new items, but also an opportunity to bond with them. Start shopping together and enjoy the quality time!


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