Best Airport Outfits for a Spring Getaway

Best Airport Outfits for a Spring Getaway

There's something about spring that makes the whole world feel like your oyster. After a cozy winter indoors, spring makes everything feel fresh and new, inspiring us to get back outdoors for hikes, walks, some much-needed vitamin D, and of course, those magical spring getaways. It's no surprise that you may have caught the travel bug while you were dreaming of different destinations and waiting for the snow to melt, so it's the perfect time for packing your bags and jet-setting on your next adventure. And since the journey really begins at the airport, rocking the right travel-day outfit can get your getaway started on the right foot. From a quick flight for a long weekend trip or a day-long flight to a country you've never visited before (cherry blossom season in Japan, anyone?), these outfits are perfect for navigating the airport, takeoff, and buckling your seatbelts until you reach your destination.

Leggings and a Tunic Top

A pair of stretchy, comfy, yet stylish leggings is an airport essential. While leggings are a fairly casual choice (which, of course, is a-okay for a travel day!), pair them with a women's tunic top to instantly elevate this look. Plus, leggings and a tunic top are really a match made in heaven as together they create a flattering and streamlined silhouette. You can also absolutely re-wear these items on any spring getaway, especially if your accommodates have a washing machine you can quickly throw these in.

For a versatile combo that's perfect for jet-setting, opt for a pair of classic black high-waisted leggings, ideally with pockets for stashing your essentials while you navigate the airport. Rock your black leggings with a fuss-free and seriously comfy 3/4-length sleeve, Supima cotton crewneck tunic in a fun floral print or a jersey cotton, 3/4-length sleeve, relaxed-fit swing tunic top in a lovely springtime lavender stripe print.

Joggers and a Pullover Crewneck

Like leggings, women's joggers are a must-have for the airport as they're comfy enough for catching some ZZZs on the flight but also flattering and stylish. We like to call joggers comfy travel chic, and they can absolutely act as your loungewear or even your PJs once you reach your spring getaway destination if you want to save some room in your bag.

Opt for a pair of trendy, ankle-length joggers with a polished hem, an adjustable drawstring, and pockets for your essentials. A pullover cotton crewneck sweater in a matching hue or complementary pattern will work perfectly with these bottoms, and you can layer your crewneck over a simple cotton T-shirt in case you think you'll need to lose a layer when you land.

Stretchy Jeans and a Henley Shirt

While your most rigid and form-fitting jeans may not be the comfiest airport choice, opting for a pair with a bit of stretch can make your jeans travel-friendly. While stretchy jeans are comfy, they're also perfect for stopping for some lunch at a local café before heading to the hotel. Pair your stretchy jeans with a women's Henley shirt, like a stylish and soft 3/4-length sleeve Henley top with a classic Henley neckline and signature buttons.

This outfit will keep you comfy throughout the duration of your flight while also feeling polished and stylish for navigating the airport or any stops you want to make once you land.

Yoga Pants and an Oversized Sweater

Women's yoga pants are definitely up there when considering the best bottoms for a long flight. Plus, if you plan on doing any hotel yoga on your spring getaway, you'll definitely get use out of these pants beyond the travel day. Opt for a pair of active yoga pants with a sleek silhouette and an airy bootcut style in a springy hue like cedarwood or sun washed red.

Pair your yoga pants with an oversized sweater, like a relaxed fit V-neck that you can wear as-is or as a top layer over a tank or tee. Simply throw on a pair of sneakers and voila! You've got a cute and breezy airport look that easily translates to lounging, stretching, or going all out on a yoga session during your getaway.

A Maxi Dress and a Cardigan

This next look is perfect for if you have plans right when you land, like meeting the friend you're visiting for lunch or popping into a must-see attraction to kick the trip off. It feels dressy and stylish and is also comfy enough for a relaxing flight. Start this look off with a seasonally on-point maxi dress for women in a springy pastel hue or a vibrant print and pair it with a long cardigan layer for added warmth.

Once you land, you can ditch the cardigan layer in your bag if you're going somewhere super warm, or keep it on if needed. This look works great with sneakers or sandals, and it's definitely one that'll help you feel and look your absolute best as you get going on your getaway.

These are some of the best airport-friendly looks for a spring getaway. From the security line to the arrival gate, traveling in style and comfort will get your adventure started on the right foot!


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