Beach Packing List with Family

Beach Packing List with Family

Heading out to the beach with your family can be fun. With a bit of organization, your day of sun, sand, and surf will also be stress-free. Let’s look at a beach packing list with your family.

One Big Bag for Everything

A good strategy for getting and staying organized for your fun beach day is putting all the essentials in one extra-large tote bag. By having everything in one place, you can grab and go. It’s also a great idea to create storage “modules” within your tote bag. You can have smaller zip-up bags for items like your wallet and keys, first aid kit, and sun care products. This will make finding what you need much easier. You can even store items in see-through plastic bags for extra ease.

If your kids are older, they may want to bring their own backpacks to the beach. If they are little, help them pack their backpack with necessities like a towel and water shoes in addition to their favorite toys. Teach them that only water-proof beach toys can go to the beach. The non-beach toys will be waiting for them when they get home.

Beach Towels

Everyone will need their own beach towel. A fun and easy way to know whose towel is whose is to have all of them personalized. Whether you put their name, initials, or a fun nickname on their beach towels, everyone will have their favorite towel handy. Personalized beach towels also make fun gifts.

Always keep an extra beach towel in your car. If everything goes well, you can use this as a makeshift picnic blanket or leave it in your trunk for next time. If things go sideways, you will have an extra towel handy for drying off or cleaning up a person or vehicle or using it as a sunshade. A fresh dry towel is also great for cuddling little ones after a long day of fun in the sun.

Put Yourself on the List

While you’re busy taking care of everyone else, don’t forget to indulge in a little self-care. Perhaps this means having your favorite coffee in the morning before you head to the beach or following your favorite skincare routine. Replacing old swimwear can also be a form of self-care.

If it’s been a while since you have bought yourself a new swimsuit, why not treat yourself to a cute tankini, one piece, or swim dress? Chances are you will take the kids shopping for new suits each season. You deserve one, too! While you’re at it, find a beautiful new beach cover-up and some cool new sunglasses to complete the ensemble.

Water, Water Everywhere

Regardless of what else is on the menu, ensure everyone stays hydrated. This is a health issue (and will naturally keep your crew happier throughout the day). Either bring your own water with you or find out what access you will have to drinking water at the beach (e.g., water fountains so you can refill your own, bottled water for sale, etc.). Cold water is always more refreshing on a hot day, so be sure to have ice or well-insulated water bottles available.

Plan to Keep Them Fed

Making sure everyone (including the adults!) is clean, rested, hydrated, and fed is the difference between a great day at the beach and one with a cranky crew. Whether you are planning an afternoon beach excursion or going for the whole day and into the evening, plan how to feed your crew. Will you bring a picnic lunch? Will you have snacks handy in a cooler? Is there an easy lunch spot on the boardwalk? Finding a spot that everyone can go to in their swimwear, cover-ups, and water shoes is a plus. Wardrobe changes add unnecessary complexity to a fun beach day. Maybe your favorite pizza delivery will be just the ticket once everyone is done for the day.

Before You Walk Out the Door

Regardless of how independent your family member may be, do a last check before you head out. Does everyone have their swimsuit, a cover-up, beach sandals, and their towel? It’s amazing how kids will remember fun things like frisbees yet walk off without a towel to dry themselves. Help them to learn by modeling organized behavior yourself and double-checking the basics. Also, make sure to do a “phone, wallet, keys, water, and sunscreen” check for yourself. If your day is busy, this could save you.

With some organizational skills and a bit of flexibility, you and your family will be set for a great day of sun, sand, and surf. Have fun and take plenty of photos!


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