Beach-Day Hacks for a Stress-Free Summer

Beach-Day Hacks for a Stress-Free Summer

Have you ever had a beautiful beach day of fun in the sun turn into a sun-burnt, sandy, sticky, and over-heated bad time? You might be surprised to learn how just a few easy summer beach-day hacks can make such a big difference in how your family enjoys their big beach days this summer. Grab your beach bag and, armed with our list of beach-day hacks, get ready to fully enjoy the beach this summer.

Create a Clean, Sand-Free Zone

Create a clean space as a reprieve from all the sand with bed linens from home. To do this, unfold a large fitted sheet with the top side facing down, and place a heavy object in each corner of the sheet, such as your coolers and insulated bags. This will create a nice wall around your clean space which will prevent sand from being accidentally kicked onto your sheet (which is inevitably what would happen with a typical beach blanket or flat sheet).

Set up an umbrella or tarp above your clean space for some shade, and now you have a cool, clean space in which you can comfortably lounge, nap, or take short breaks from the sun.

Set Up a Tent

Needless to say, most beaches are not typically known for their abundance of shade. The easiest way to prevent beach-day burnout is to bring your own shady reprieve. Set up a small camping tent at your beach spot for a shady, quiet spot to nap, snack, or just rest out of the sun in. Bring along some kids’ bedding to make your tent space extra cozy for nap time for the little ones.

Bring a Kiddie Pool

If you are headed to the beach this summer with little ones who love to play in the water but are not quite ready to handle tides and waves, bringing a kiddie pool is a great option. Bring along a small inflatable kiddie pool you can set up and fill with water once you are at the beach. Keep the little ones busy in the pool of shallow water close to you on the sand so that the kids getting knocked over by a wave or accidentally wading out into too-deep water is one less thing you will have to worry about.

Pack Lots of Hydrating Beverages

Pack your cooler and insulated lunch bags full of different hydrating drink options. When the kids are running around having fun playing in the water at the beach all day, they may not realize how dehydrated they can become. This is why it can be so important to pack not just water but a variety of drinks such as juices and lemonades to keep the kids’ taste buds interested and keep them hydrated. Fill silicon pouches or reusable water bottles with homemade lemonade, juice mixes, and more.

Another beverage-related beach hack: Create dual-purpose beverage bottles by freezing them the night before. This will keep the beverages cooler longer and also cut down on the weight of your cooler since you won’t be needing as much ice to keep everything cool.

Bring Easy Snacks

Nothing will cut a fun beach day short like hungry, cranky kids. Prevent the post-swim hangries by bringing a variety of easy and packable snacks. Make a pile of simple peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to keep in the cooler. Cut up crisp and hydrating fruits like apples and watermelon and keep them in a reusable container in your cooler. Protein-rich, shelf-stable snacks (that won’t go bad if left out in the sun) are also great to bring along. These can include jerky, granola, nuts, etc.

Bonus snack hack: Keep a bucket of water and a dry hand towel from home next to the cooler and encourage everyone to “wash” the sand off their hands before reaching into the cooler to keep your snacks sand-free.

Fresh Water and Baby Powder Are Game Changers

Bring a couple of gallons of fresh tap water from home for those just-in-case moments. Some beaches will have showers or bathrooms nearby, but many do not. Be prepared either way. If someone gets a face full of sand, flushing their eyes out with ocean saltwater is not going to be an ideal solution. Bring your own fresh tap water for rinsing faces and hands. It’s also always helpful to have extra fresh water for drinking.

Another easy hack for removing sticky sand before the drive home is to use talc-free baby powder. Cover your sandy feet and legs in a dusting of baby powder and rub with your beach towel. The powder will absorb any moisture, and the sand will brush off with ease.

Remember that not all beaches are going to have usable trash bins. If you pack it in, pack it out! Follow these helpful beach-day hacks, don’t forget the sunscreen, and enjoy your summer beach time.


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