Beach Cover Ups for Your Tropical Getaway This Holiday Season

Beach Cover Ups for Your Tropical Getaway This Holiday Season

A tropical holiday getaway is such a wonderful treat! Make sure to enjoy it even more with the right clothes for the job, including stylish and comfortable beach cover-ups. Here are some ideas to keep you looking and feeling great on your trip.


For an instant outfit that will take you from the beach to the boardwalk, consider a caftan. This is one of those fashion classics that repeatedly make a comeback because they are beautiful, elegant, and comfortable. Their loose design will keep you cool and breezy while also allowing you to feel fully dressed when you prefer it while creating easy access to your swimsuit underneath if you would rather soak up some sun or play in the water.

For a look to keep you cool, consider a white caftan—how clean and minimalist! You can also play with color with caftans (this is your vacation after all). There is a reason that sultans and movie stars wore caftans—they look great in rich colors and with embellishments from embroidery to statement jewelry. Why not add a little drama to your tropical getaway with a jewel-toned caftan?


A sarong (either short or long) is perfect for topping off a swimsuit. They are easy and stylish. Sarongs can vary from what is essentially a short tie-on skirt to make you look stylish and a little more covered when you don’t want to be in the water, to a mid or full-length dress with that same tie-on look that just says casual elegance.

For an even easier look, choose a sarong in a fabric that is practically wrinkle-proof. You can stash a synthetic sarong in your beach bag or put one in your carry-on with your swimsuit so you can go from the plane to the hotel to the beach in minutes. Who wants to spend time unpacking and arranging when you could be running your toes through the sand instead?

T-Shirt Dresses and Shirt Dresses

Ah, T-shirt dresses and shirt dresses. Are there any options in your closet that are more comfortable and versatile? You may think of your favorite T-shirt or shirt dresses as being go-to outfits for running errands or hanging out around the house, but don’t overlook their versatility for travel—including making the perfect beach cover-up. A cotton or cotton-blend dress will give you instant comfort and coverage on the beach while being easy to take off when you want to run into the surf or catch more sun.

This is another packable wonder, too. Even if your dress is 100% cotton (such a nice choice for hot weather!) you can neatly roll it up and stash it in a beach bag or carry on. If it is prone to wrinkles, just hang it up on a hanger or clothing hook when you are back at the hotel. It’s not a bad idea to keep some spritz-on fabric softener in your carry-on bag either. You can spritz any garment, pull it back into shape, and release wrinkles in no time without having to pull out an iron and ironing board (and seriously, who wants to iron while they’re at home, much less on vacation?).

Don’t Forget the Shorts and T-Shirt!

Your favorite women’s shorts and women’s T-shirts can also be a great beach cover-up. They can take you from the beach to shopping to a great new restaurant, all with a swimsuit underneath. When choosing which shorts and T-shirt to bring as a “dual outfit beach cover-up”, keep the swimsuit that you plan to wear underneath in mind. Try them on together before you leave on your tropical getaway. You’ll want to make sure that both the shorts and T-shirt fit smoothly over your swimsuit. An oversized T-shirt can be a great option for this.

You’ll probably want to bring two swimsuits on your tropical getaway so that you can always have one handy that is clean and dry when you head out to the beach. If you like swimsuits with fun details like ruffles, consider also bringing one swimsuit that is smoother and plain in a fun color. A one-piece swimsuit can be a great choice for this and will give you more options about which beach cover-up you wear. Whatever you choose to bring, enjoy wearing it! This is a tropical getaway, after all. There isn’t a dress code. Just be comfy.

With a bit of planning, you can make your tropical getaway, even more, fun this holiday season by having easy breezy beach cover-ups that will take you anywhere that you want to go. And don’t forget to bring a pair of sandals that are not only cute but are also comfy for walking. Enjoy your warm and wonderful getaway!


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