Beach Accessories Worth Investing In

Beach Accessories Worth Investing In

Don’t you just love the beach? The sun, the sand, the surf! When planning your beach excursions for this season, keep comfort and convenience in mind. Here are some ideas for beach accessories that are worth investing in.

Portable Beach Umbrella

Sometimes you need to bring the shade with you. Unless your summer outings are strictly at pools or beaches where beach umbrellas are plentiful, this can be a great addition to your summer gear. There are many different sizes, and the best ones are well designed to be portable (even in regular-sized vehicles). You will want something that provides both shade and protection from rain and is easy to transport, clean, and store during the winter.

Beach Towels

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but it is easy to overlook. Do you have enough beach towels for everyone in your family to have their own, plus some more for guests? Personalized beach towels can be a great option. They look nice and will ensure there are no mix-ups: everyone will know which towel is theirs. For little ones, consider letting them pick out their favorite cartoon character or other fun design for their beach towel. It will help them to distinguish their towel from those boring adult towels with just stripes and give them a bit of independence at the same time.

Chairs That Fold Up

A good beach chair or lounge is key to that beach experience that we all crave in our favorite swimsuit or beach cover-up. Choosing the right chair is a matter of finding one that is easy to transport, doesn’t compromise on comfort, and has an appropriate size and weight limit for whoever is likely to be lounging in it. (Some fold-up chairs are on the flimsy side—you want ones that will hold up well over time.)


Investing in a good cooler is crucial. If you have ever bought one of those disposable coolers or gone for an economy model, you have probably noticed that they don’t keep things cool well or last as long. Make sure to read the specifications and performance information of any cooler you are considering. Think about the size you will need, including drinks, snacks, and ice. You want a cooler that can stay cold all day.

Speaking of staying cool, make sure to take sun protection seriously to stay as cool and comfy as possible. Sun protection swimwear can protect your health by helping to prevent sunburns and can ensure you stay comfortable all day long.

Water Bottles

Just like coolers, don’t scrimp on water bottles. The best ones will keep your water (or drink of choice) ice cold for hours. Doesn’t that sound refreshing? Glass water bottles are easy to clean and don’t run the risk of a metallic taste, but they can obviously break (making them a bad choice for little ones and many adults). If you are going for a brand-name water bottle, check online for customer reviews and stick with at least four stars or higher. Water bottles have gone high-tech in the past few years, so there is much you can learn about them in advance to help guarantee ice cold drinks in your future.


Not only are sunglasses important for the health of your eyes, but the right ones also just look fabulous! Always have a great pair of sunglasses handy in your beach bag. Start shopping for sunglasses early in the season to make sure you have time to find a pair that has the best UV protection available and look great to boot. Set aside some sunglass shopping time on a day when you aren’t rushing from one meeting or appointment to the next. Try on at least several different looks in front of a mirror.

Pop colors can be fun for summer sunglasses, but if you only buy one pair, stick to a neutral like black, brown, gold, or tortoiseshell so you can wear them with everything and still look good. As you try on different pairs, note the shape of the lenses. Different shapes flatter different faces. If you had a great pair of shades in the past, consider looking for a pair with a similar shape. If not, use a little trial and error. Chances are, at some point, you will put on the right pair and feel fabulous in them. That is what you deserve from a new pair of shades. Always keep sunglasses in a hard case when you aren’t wearing them. You want them to make it through to the end of the season and for years to come.

Enjoy the beach with those new beach accessories you have invested in!


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