Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Bathroom Decorating Ideas

As one of the smallest rooms in the house, bathrooms see quite a bit of use. Having the right bathroom decorations brings your home to life. Use your bathroom as a space to express your personal style or try out a new look in the best room in the house!

How to Choose a Design Theme for Your Bathroom

Coming up with the perfect theme for your bathroom doesn't need to be stressful. The great thing about bathrooms is they are closed off from the rest of the home, meaning you can design this room to suit any kind of style. You could match its style to the rest of your house or opt to get a little bold and use your bathroom as an experimental space with a completely different vibe. For example, you could create a luxe modern look with sleek lines in a farm home or bring those beachy vibes from your favorite vacation spot into your bathroom in an otherwise mid-century modern household. Don't be afraid to be bold and try something new or stick to what you love. Whatever you decide, choose a design theme that fits your personal style. 

An Overview of Our Quick and Easy Bathroom Decorating Ideas

There are several unique ways to decorate a bathroom. Opt to create a calming, peaceful vibe or use your bathroom as an opportunity to show off your wild side. There are several quick ways to give your toilet room a facelift—from simple wall decor to a new paint job. Here’s how to create a get-ready space you’ll love.

Refresh an Outdated Bathroom With Paint

Paint is one of the most cost-effective ways to transform a space. For a dramatic change, consider a color you don’t use anywhere else in the house. Collect various paint samples and paint a small section of the wall to decide which color suits you best. Next, be sure to choose a variety of complementary colors for fun accents in bath towel sets, bath mats, and wall art. Remember, bathrooms are small spaces, so dark colors can really make the walls feel as if they are closing in. If you choose to use dark colors, try to keep any paneling or tile below light.

Alternatively, contrast dark floors with light walls. Use bright colors to lighten up the room and make it feel larger than it is. Mirrors can also help make a room look larger too. Find a color palette for the space and start with the walls. Use the lightest color on the walls to create a more relaxing, open space. Use darker colors for items, such as bath towels, and contrast your favorite wall color with lush bath mats your feet will sink right into.

Unique Lighting Fixtures

Another simple way to transform your bathroom is with a new light fixture. Swapping light fixtures doesn’t require a lot of electrical knowledge, just a helping hand and a screwdriver. There are endless options for light fixtures, from relaxing natural beach vibes to chic modern looks. Choose the right fixture that’s bathroom-specific and provides the best light to see yourself. Remember, bulb warmth can make or break a fixture, so if you think the light is harsh, try a warmer or cooler bulb tone. For an ultra-luxe look, you could even add a chandelier to your bathroom. Sure, it may sound crazy, but this eye-catching piece will be the star of the room.  Go for glitz and glam for a reflecting, fun feel in your bathroom.

Bathroom Wall Art

For a splash of personality in your bathroom, go for some funky wall art. Find bathroom wall art from your favorite local artist (a great way to support small businesses) or opt to make your own. Photos and prints are simple personalized touches. For more texture, go for 3D wall art or hangable planters. Faux plants will work best in windowless bathrooms, while humid-loving, low-light plants grow well in a naturally lit bathroom. Bathroom decorations can be anything from quirky accents to canvas prints of your favorite memories.

Quick and Reversible Fixes for Ugly Bathroom Floors

Don’t let outdated floors get you down. Instead, find a few fun and funky bathroom rugs that can be swapped out with the changing seasons. A long, bold bathroom rug transforms a room in a jiffy. This is an especially popular method for rental properties. Use geometric shapes, bold, mid-modern prints, or big floral patterns for maximum impact. Alternatively, you can use unique monogrammed hand towels with fun sayings to draw the eye upward. Even a bright shower curtain combined with a great bath mat will make those unwanted floors disappear.

Hardware and Faucet Upgrades

Get the look and feel you’ve always wanted in your bathroom with a faucet upgrade. Faucets and showerheads aren’t just about looks but the experience too. Think about your ideal shower experience, then make it happen. Rain heads bring a whole new feel to your shower, while an open faucet creates a tranquil experience that feels like you’re getting a spa treatment right at home.

Once you’ve chosen a fixture type, it’s time to choose a finish. Darker tones provide a more rustic feel, while sparkling silvers offer clean, modern looks that are super-chic. Your hardware doesn't need to match your faucets either. Choose complementary shapes and colors to go with your new showerhead, or match the style for a complete look. An easy way to create a fun accent everyone will love in your bathroom is to use bright-colored drawers and cabinet knobs. Mix and match these options for a fun Bohemian look or opt to use one bright accent color throughout.

Have Fun With Fixtures

Don't be afraid to build the bathroom of your dreams. Even rentals have plenty of opportunities to customize your fixtures. Do you dream of having a bidet? Buy one you can install over the toilet seat and remove later. Take it with you no matter where life brings you. Grab that ultra-luxe showerhead and create the spa you've always wanted in your own home. You can even control your hot water by removing the knobs on your shower and adjusting the maximum allowable hot water. If you have kids, you can use this feature to avoid scalding hot water from coming out of your faucets. These are simple ways to really customize your bathroom. 

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

We already talked about how mirrors can really open up a room, so don't be shy to put plenty of them in your bathroom. Install vanity mirrors on the wall so they can come out and be stored away when you don't need them. Go for extra long or wide mirrors, depending on how much wall space you have. Remember, having too many mirrors in a bathroom isn't a bad thing. It not only allows you to see all angles of yourself as you get ready, but it also brings in more light. Mirror shape is also an easy way to add a few curves or a sense of design to your bathroom. Use borders, funky shapes, or multiple mirrors to add some depth to the space. 

Better Storage in Your Bath

Keep the clutter out of your bathroom with unique storage solutions that also act as great bathroom decorations. Start with seagrass baskets and a nice shelving unit to store all of your extra items, such as toilet paper, shampoo, cleaners, and more. 

Don't forget about under-the-sink storage. Stay organized with canvas storage bins and separators that keep your essential items accessible and visible.

Lastly, towel racks and hooks are your best friends. Place those kids’ towels on hooks and racks, and don't forget to hang up your favorite robe for a snuggly spa session. If you can, store extra items, such as bed sheets, extra towels, a laundry hamper, and additional cleaning supplies in other parts of the house so that you don't clutter up your bathroom space.

Rethink Your Bathroom Door

Let your bathroom door do double duty by hanging hooks or even shoe racks behind your bathroom door.  This allows smaller spaces to accommodate more storage so you can have clear space in closets. For creative decor, you could even put faux plants behind your door. For a bold design move, paint your door panels in different colors to create a funky fresh look that puts some pep in your step each day. If you have roomier bathrooms with lots of space, consider alternative doors, such as sliding shutters or frosted glass, for a modern, clean look.

Accents and Accessories

Put the finishing touches on your new fancy bathroom design with cute accents and accessories. Think refillable soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, and more for functional features that make your bathroom pop.  Decorative design elements, such as sculptures, curio cases, and more, bring depth and texture to your bathroom style. Choose design elements that go with the theme, such as Bohemian, beach, or farmhouse chic. Keep clutter at bay by only choosing a few pieces you absolutely love to accessorize your bathroom.  Functional items, such as incense sticks, candles, and even storage baskets, help create a warm space to welcome you each morning.

Bathrooms are great places to start any home design. Since they act as standalone rooms, it's easy to try bold new designs. Even small spaces can get a big look with a well-designed bathroom. Let your creative side flow with funky and fun bathroom designs throughout your home.

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