5 Bath & Bedding Products That Are Perfect for Gifting

5 Bath & Bedding Products That Are Perfect for Gifting

Are you looking for some fresh gift ideas? No worries! Lands’ End has your back. Let’s look at some bath and bedding gifts that are sure to put a smile on their face when they open your gift.


If you don’t think of bedsheets as being a gift item, think again. Why not freshen up their bedroom for a summer birthday or give them something both beautiful and practical for a wedding or housewarming gift? Sheets also make excellent holiday gifts to keep your loved ones cozy and warm when the winter chill arrives.

Perhaps your niece would love to brighten up her dorm room with flannel sheets -- that cozy cotton is comfy year-round. Linen sheets are the height of luxury for summer and make beautiful wedding gifts. Percale sheets are made from a tight weave of cotton which gives them a smooth and elegant feel, making them a great all-around choice for both beauty and comfort.

When considering sheets for gifting, consider the age and personality of the recipients, their bedroom décor (if you know it), and the season of the year. Maybe your little ones could use some new fun sheets. This can also be a great “big kid” gift for the holidays or when they move up to a new size of bed. While you’re at it, when was the last time you bought yourself a new set of bedsheets? Why not treat yourself, too?

Throw Blankets

Throw blankets win the prize for the most versatile gift you can buy. You can use a throw blanket regardless of your age, gender, lifestyle, or the season of the year. In fact, if you like the idea of having “emergency gifts” stashed away just in case, make them throw blankets! They are economical, everyone loves them, and they are easy to store, too. In the winter, they will keep them warm and cozy, in the summer, they can be used as a picnic blanket, and they are great for travel (hello, aggressive air conditioning). You can buy throw blankets to match the décor of their home, favorite sports teams, school colors, or a classic neutral that will go with everything.

Why not make a theme out of giving personalized throw blankets for birthdays or the holidays this year? Everyone will love having their own, and if you have the whole crew together it will be easy to tell whose is whose for everything from beach bonfires to family movie nights.

Bath Towels

Monogrammed bath towels make excellent wedding, housewarming, and “just because” gifts. Bath towels are one of those items that we use every day and take for granted. It’s easy for many of us to use the “same old same old” when a fluffy new set of bath towels can add a little well-deserved luxury and comfort to our daily routines.

If you can’t recall when you replaced your bath towels, it’s probably past time to do so. This also goes for your parents, adult children, and anyone else on your gift list. Why not retire those towels to tasks like mopping up spills or washing the dog and give the gift of self-care to yourself and your loved ones?

Baskets and Bins

Bedrooms and bathrooms need storage—and we don’t just mean the built-in kind. Whether it’s a seagrass storage basket to hold extra blankets or a set of tidy bins to make those bathroom drawers and cabinets work for your cosmetics, you know what we mean. If you need storage in your bedroom and bathroom, so do your loved ones.

Why not gift some sleek and stylish storage solutions for a first apartment, summer refresh, back-to-school, or a holiday gift? Not only will your loved ones appreciate your gift, but they will also think of you every time they use it.


Candles are the runner-up for the most versatile gifts around. Candles add beauty and warmth to any room where they are placed. From living rooms to bedrooms to bathrooms, your home should have candles. If you are worried about a fire hazard, just go with the LED version, and you will have the ambiance without the worry—this is a great option for teens and kids.

Candles work year-round as gifts. They are lovely for birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, and the holidays. When buying candles as gifts, consider whether to go traditional or LED, scented or unscented, colorful or neutral, and in sets or singular. There is a candle that will make a great gift for everyone on your list. They also make great “emergency gifts” to have on hand.

Why not let bath and bedding products be your go-to gifts? Your loved ones will thank you for it.


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