How To Pull Off A Balletcore Aesthetic

How To Pull Off A Balletcore Aesthetic

First, what is balletcore? The world of dance and performance influencing the world of fashion is nothing new - consider the hip tulle skirts, sleek capri pants, and black ballet flats of Audrey Hepburn’s classic style. Balletcore is the term used to describe this style, which has made a strong resurgence recently in high fashion, daily wear clothing, and even home decor.

You don’t have to be trained in classical dance or have any particular body type to pull off this surprisingly versatile and fabulously feminine aesthetic. From delicate wrap sweaters and luxurious cashmere cardigans to satiny skirts and dresses, here is your ultimate guide to tapping into this trend.

Taffeta and Tulle

The right materials and fabrics are central to the balletcore vibe. Taffeta is a delicate woven fabric that can be made from silk or synthetic materials such as polyester. This high-end fabric is typically associated with formal gowns such as wedding dresses and ball gowns. However, taffeta is recently being used to reflect the popularity of balletcore and can now be incorporated into everyday wear. Taffeta blouses are increasingly popular and can add an air of whimsy and romance to your outfit.

Tulle, the filmy, gauzy fabric that tutus are made of, is also used similarly in casual everyday wear. These fabrics are great for wearing as a statement piece in an otherwise casual outfit. A gauzy tulle blouse, for example, layered properly and worn with pants and a blazer can just as easily be worn to the office as it can to a date night. We also love a moderately poofy and girly tulle skirt paired with a simple fitted T-shirt.

Comfy Cute Cardigans and Wrap Pieces

Part of the balletcore trend is inspired by how ballerinas dress for performances and their daily studio and practice style. If you were never a dancer yourself, ask a ballerina how chilly those practice spaces are usually kept and how many sweaters they keep in their dance bag!

Cardigans, wrap sweaters, and oversized comfy cozy sweaters have been a long-time favorite of professional dancers and hobbyists alike for this reason. A fitted cardigan is a sweet, classic piece that can easily be added to any other balletcore piece to elevate your dance-inspired look.

Ballet Flats and Mary Jane Style Shoes

A considerable part of really nailing this style is having a great pair of ballet flats or delicate slip-on shoes. These shoes are classic and classy, and easily incorporated into any wardrobe. From casual to formal, timeless ballet flats are truly a must-have.

We recommend investing in flats made from a natural, breathable material for everyday wear. Satin is beautiful and traditional, but not very breathable. You can wear this look over tights with special no-show socks or slip them on and go.

Billowy Blouses and Slimming Bodysuits

As mentioned, although there might be concern about how accessible this aesthetic is to diverse body types, let us reassure you: anyone can wear balletcore styles. This style is versatile and is for anybody who wants to tap into this ultra-feminine and romantic aesthetic. A gauzy and billowy scoop-neck top is a super flattering and feminine style that fits right into the balletcore aesthetic.

Another piece that is trending within the world of balletcore is the body suit. The bodysuit has recently become a wardrobe essential. A well-fitting, comfy bodysuit can be a wardrobe game-changer and help you nail down your balletcore style. This incredibly versatile piece is stylish and flattering — and can be worn under a romantic gauzy blouse, or on its own. You can dress it up for work or simply slip on a simple skirt over it and you’re ready to go.


Part of the beauty, accessibility, and timeless versatility of the balletcore aesthetic is its minimalism. This is not a style that relies heavily on accessorizing, but there are some key pieces you may want to consider. Light pink or neutral-toned tights are, of course, a must-have. Leg warmers are also making a come-back and are equal parts fun and practical (they really do help you keep warm when tights aren’t quite enough).

Another fun and easy way to elevate your balletcore style with a simple but stylish accessory is with a silk or satin fashion scarf. This can be worn tied around your neck a la Jackie O, braided into your hair, or tied around your high ballerina bun.

Unlike so many other fashion trends, this aesthetic is based on truly timeless themes and classic evergreen pieces, so don’t be afraid to invest in this style — we don’t think it’s going anywhere. Tap into your inner ballerina and have fun with this style.


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