Backyard Summertime Fun for Adults Reimagined

Backyard Summertime Fun for Adults Reimagined

As winter fades into spring and then finally into summer it is time to think about some outdoor activities. With all the recent changes in how we go about our daily lives, coming up with new backyard summertime fun may prove more challenging than it has in the past. Here are our favorite summertime activities.

Start with a Classic

Our favorite tried and true activities are tried and true for a reason. Treat yourself to a classic good time with fun activities like:

• Backyard BBQ

• Outdoor Games like Corn Hole and Horseshoes

• Swimming

• Napping in a Hammock

• Yoga

• Morning Coffee on the Porch

Get in Touch with Your Inner Kid

There is no shortage of suggestions for backyard summertime fun for adults available on-line. While you are searching for ideas, how about reimagining what “adult” fun is and begin by looking at the fun stuff that kids do!

If swimsuits for women over 50 are a thing, why not enjoy a favorite childhood pastime and join in the fun on the slip and side? Or, run through the sprinkler if you are not a fan of running and flopping on your tummy and then zooming across a wet tarp at warp speed. Make sure to wear the right water shoes to ensure getting back up is no problem.

You will also then have the right traction if you need to blow off some steam or do something besides yoga or walking to get some exercise. A water fight, a three-legged race, tag, or jumping on the trampoline are all great fun. And just to be clear, YES swings are for adults too!

As children, you probably put on a play or musical for your parents at some point. Wouldn’t it be fun to dance it out in the back yard with choreographed moves and an appreciative audience? You could choose a great maxi dress for women with a Hawaiian feel and perform some traditional luau dances. Or, grab a bunch of socks from the pile of socks that had their mate eaten by the washer and dryer and put on a puppet show. If your audience is kids, keep it clean. If it is an adult-only performance, throw in some adult humor and let your inner comedian out.

While people with children may do this activity a lot, you might now have considered it if you don’t have kids; sidewalk chalk. Let your artistic self out and indulge in some self-expression. While you have the chalk out don’t forget about hopscotch. Which of course leads to jumping rope and even better, double jump rope. You might want to break out the women’s joggers and your favorite women’s hoodie for this activity, you might work up a sweat!

If you are a sports fan, try yard hockey with a rubber ball. Rather than ice skating, try roller skating. If you enjoy hiking, try climbing the tree.

If you don’t get a chance to get outside until later in the evening catch some fireflies and use them for mood lighting. Just be sure to release them before turning in for the night. Speaking of lighting, glow sticks are a blast! If you are into archery create a fun night game. Just attach glow sticks to the arrows. If you prefer darts, just buy shorter glow sticks.

If you think back on your childhood, regardless of your age or what generation you are, you are certain to bring to mind some of the fun and games you used to enjoy outside and in your backyard.

There isn’t a reason in the world to deny yourself some the pleasure of that pure joy. Granted when you think about backyard fun for adults you may have to reimagine those favorite childhood pastimes and make some allowances for the passage of time, like adjusting your swings so your feet don’t drag on the ground or filling your water balloons with tepid instead of freezing cold water but ultimately you will no doubt bring experience that unencumbered joy.


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