Backpack Buying Guide

Backpack Buying Guide

Buying the perfect backpack for any occasion can be tricky. It’s not enough to go by good looks alone — a pretty bag may not have all of the features that you need, or it may not be all that comfortable. Finding the perfect bag takes a little time and patience, only because there are so many outstanding styles available.

The convenience of going hands-free is undeniable, but it means very little if the bag causes discomfort or if you need to adjust it every time you put it on. For the best fit, it’s crucial to focus on key features before you commit to any particular style. If you choose a wearable bag instead of a rolling model, mentally break it down by section and analyze the way it feels. Are the straps padded? Does it follow the natural contours of your body? Here’s how to snag the right model for your needs.

Consider Its Purpose

While backpacks all follow the same structure in terms of design, they can serve very different purposes. You may seek a quality bag for your child as they prepare to head back to school. Or you may be a busy college student seeking something comfortable that you can easily carry back and forth on campus all day long. You may need something stylish and professional that you can take with you to work.

All of these purposes call for different types of bags. Typical backpacks for school are designed with specific features that help kids feel more comfortable. Professional styles are far more streamlined and may even exude a sense of sophistication to complement your corporate attire. The key is to focus on both style and functionality so that you can select the most appropriate style.

Focus on Size

You’ll see that some backpacks are differentiated by specific sizes. This is helpful as a baseline starting point for parents who seek something appropriate that their kids can carry to school. Anything too big might feel cumbersome and look overwhelming and bulky, while something too small might not be appropriate if they carry a lot of books or stash their gym clothes and lunch inside.

That’s where the sizing guide comes in handy. Small backpacks for girls and boys are designed to accommodate little ones — think preschoolers and kindergartners. Medium size bags are ideal for kids in the first years of elementary school, while large bags are suitable for taller elementary school kids and those in higher years. Extra-large backpacks are perfect for kids in middle school and junior high. There are even rolling styles for kids who are tall or who just prefer not to carry their bags.

Check the Features

Whether you’re looking for a backpack to take on your business trip or something convenient for your child, it’s important to focus on the bag’s features. The right elements help you survive the day easily, whether you need significant organizational features, a handy bottom compartment, or multiple exterior and interior pockets. The last thing that you want is to be caught without enough room for that last textbook or something that you absolutely need to take with you on your upcoming trip.

Think it through as you consider your options. Both kids and travelers will appreciate the addition of an exterior water bottle pocket, for example. For little ones toting around an overwhelming number of books, a supportive strap across the sternum minimizes pressure on the body so they can walk from class to class without discomfort. Need a quality college backpack or something for the workplace? Make sure it has a padded sleeve to keep your laptop or tablet safe while you’re on the move, along with pockets to separate items in the bag.

Opt for Wheels

If you prefer not to carry a hefty backpack but love the general idea of this style, consider carrying a bag on wheels instead. It offers the same conveniences, including plenty of storage space and all of the organizational features you need, with the added advantage of a simpler mode of transport.

For people who suffer from back pain or who have multiple bags to carry, a wheeled backpack is just the more sensible choice. Even kids can take advantage of its practicality — it’s a cinch for reducing strain on the back, neck, and shoulders, allowing them to navigate the halls in greater comfort. Telescopic handles are easily adjustable to help them find the perfect height, while strong and durable wheels are designed to stand the test of time. Naturally, they’re also perfect for pushing or pulling through crowded airports and train stations.

Whether you’re seeking the right backpack for travel, grade school, or college, make sure that it’s as comfortable as it is practically suited for your needs. With enough room to hold all of your belongings, the right bag promises to be a constant companion wherever you go.


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