A Guide to Shopping for School Supplies in the Fall

A Guide to Shopping for School Supplies in the Fall

Back-to-school shopping is finally here. What could be more exciting? New colorful pencils, school uniforms, and folders galore! This year, school may look a little different, but that doesn’t mean your back-to-school shopping list still isn’t just as long as it is any other year. Here’s your complete guide to back-to-school shopping.

Get Outfitted

First, you’ll likely need to pick up a few new clothes for your kids. You’ll want to stock up on the basics like socks, kids' jeanskids' T-shirts, polos, and other necessities. Once you’ve got the basics covered, be sure to let your kid express themselves with a few key pieces they pick out themselves. Allow them to choose a graphic tee or dress they love. For school uniforms, set aside a small budget for accessories such as shoes, jewelry, scarves, and other items that let kids show off a touch of their wonderful personalities. The result is kiddos who can’t wait to get back into the classroom to show off their new look.

Pick Up Supplies Online

In a world where stores have longer queues and plenty of people, you may want to consider online shopping this season. Look for smaller online shops to get school supplies for fall. Many shops now offer curbside pickup. This allows you to shop online and pick up at the store, a simple way to quickly grab what you need for the school year without paying for shipping. If you do go into a store, be sure to bring your school supply list with you. Pick up the essentials and any extras you may need to save on trips. 

Shop Small

Sure, it sounds easy to order all of your school supplies from a giant online chain, but consider setting aside some of your budget to support small businesses. Consider shopping for back-to-school supplies from a local paper shop or picking up a few pieces of clothing from the nearest family-owned clothing store.

These purchases help put money directly back into your local community, which is important now more than ever. Of course, not everyone can shop small, but if you can take a little time and brainstorm, you might discover a new shop you love or help out a neighbor in need. Shopping small brings a community together, so don’t forget about your local Main Street.

Choose the Right Backpack

Shopping for school backpacks is a breeze when you know what to look for. Smaller kids should have smaller bags so they aren’t weighed down. Look for features such as laptop compartments, ergonomic adjustments, and plenty of storage space. For older kids, consider an over-the-shoulder bag that can be used for both school and work purposes, especially for college kids. 

Consider monogramming your kid’s backpack. Monogramming has always been a fun way to personalize a kid’s backpack for school. Opt for initials, a nickname, or a fun phrase they love. Keep it fun and choose a backpack in their favorite color or design. Since you don’t want to purchase a new backpack every day, durability counts. Look for reinforced stitching, ample padding at the shoulders, and well-made zippers when shopping for a back to school backpack.

Make Shopping Fun

Get your kid engaged in the upcoming school year by keeping shopping fun. For older kids, give them a budget and let them choose their own back-to-school items such as girls' parkas, dresses, and other accessories. They’ll get to choose their own wardrobe and learn how to make wise financial decisions. For younger kids, get them excited by letting them choose a theme. Maybe they'll decide to have all of their school supplies match their favorite cartoon character or sports hero. Give them some freedom of expression with their new school supplies. Also giving them one, small splurge item will let them feel like they have something special. This could be as simple as an extra pair of sneakers or a cool daily planner.

Shopping for back to school is fun with a few handy tips to make your shopping experience unique this year. Give your kids the freedom to choose how they wish to express themselves this school year. Keep them cozy with a durable, long-lasting backpack they can cherish for years. Be sure to have plenty of extra basics to avoid any unplanned shopping mid-school year. The result is a back to school vibe everyone will be stoked for.


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