Back to School Shopping for Moms/Parents

Back to School Shopping for Moms/Parents

When it comes time to shop for back-to-school clothes, the focus is usually on the kids. However, the start of the new school year is also a great time for moms, dads, and other grown-ups and caregivers to spruce up their wardrobes too. From parent-teacher conferences and class parties to school concerts and sporting events, parents need to have the right outfits for many school-related occasions.

The new school year is also a good time for parents to refresh their wardrobes with everything from work-ready clothing to casual and comfy weekend wear. Find tips on how to make the most of back-to-school shopping for the adults with these quick tips.

Shop While the Kids Shop

If your kids are old enough, one easy shopping hack for parents is to shop while the kid's shop. This can also be a good option if you have a teen and a younger child; you can enlist your teen to help shop with the younger one while taking a few well-deserved moments to scout out some stylish new pieces for your own wardrobe. You can also grab a good friend, your significant other, or even your favorite babysitter to help with the shopping. While an adult stays with the kids as they browse, you can check out some items for yourself. When everyone’s got what they need, you can celebrate your successful shopping day with a family dinner or visit the local ice cream shop.

Harness the Power of Online Shopping

If in-person shopping isn’t your cup of tea, shopping online can be a lifesaver. Make sure to turn to retailers with clothing quality you can trust. You should also make sure the stores you choose for online shopping have a good selection and an even better return policy so you can find items for the whole family. Remember to check shipping dates to make sure you get the items you want before the school year, too. Shopping online at retailers that have items for mom, dad, and kids alike will make the whole experience easier. When it comes time to check out, you’ll also have all your items in one online shopping cart.

To streamline your online shopping for back to school clothes, consider setting a clothing budget for your kids or telling them the number of items they can choose and let them start browsing on their own. Then you can take some time to do online shopping for yourself.

Get Versatile Clothing You Can Wear for School Events and More

One easy way to make the most of back-to-school shopping for parents is to look for versatile pieces that you know will work well for school-related events and other occasions as well. For example, a pair of white cropped pants and a stylish women’s cashmere turtleneck in a seasonal color makes a great outfit choice for a parent-teacher night, but that same outfit is also appropriate for the office. Dark denim skinny jeans and a cute, cozy hoodie are just right for those evening games and sporting events, but those pieces will also expand your weekend wardrobe too.

Choose Classic Pieces That Won’t Let You Down

In a perfect world, parents would have all the time in the world to shop and put together incredible outfits. In real life, time is at a premium. This is why it can come in handy for parents to focus on those classic, timeless pieces when it comes to getting back-to-school clothes for themselves. Choices like khaki pants, button-up blouses, polo shirts, wool sweaters, and leggings are all great choices to consider when updating your wardrobe.

Sneak in a Few Trendy Pieces, Too

Most parents will admit that they bend to their kids when they want certain clothing items, be it that in-style graphic tee with the latest superhero or the sparkly, multi-colored blouse that your little one has fallen in love with. Kids aren’t the only ones with a penchant for cool looks. Parents shouldn’t be afraid to splurge on a few trendy pieces, too. Items like cute fashion scarves or print blouses will help keep your wardrobe looking fresh and modern. You can mix and match them with some of your favorite staples to create perfect outfits for all the occasions in the school year.

Don’t Forget the Outwear

Another important category to consider for parents and kids alike is outerwear. The chances are that parents could use a new coat or jacket or an update to their fall and winter accessories when the back-to-school time rolls around. Find the best winter coats for your kids and yourself at the start of the school year to reduce stress and be prepared for the season.

Make Back to School Shopping a Success for the Whole Family

Kids aren’t the only ones who need new clothes when the school year starts. The grown-ups should have some time to update their wardrobes so they can be ready, too, for everything the new school year brings.


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