Back-to-School Outfits for First-Graders

Back-to-School Outfits for First-Graders

Do you have a first-grader this year? How exciting! Let’s look at some tips for choosing the best back-to-school outfits for first-graders.

Simple Staples

If there is a secret to buying kids’ clothes that make great outfits for first-graders, it’s simple wardrobe staples. You’ll want to make sure that they have enough pants and top combinations to get through a school week with ease. For best results, buy them so that every pair of pants will work with every top. This will not only make planning their outfits easy, but it will help to keep the peace if you prefer to have your first-grader (at least somewhat) color coordinated. Stick to neutrals plus only a few additional colors if possible.

This mix-and-match approach will also keep things easy if stains happen. They spilled juice on their pants at breakfast. No worries. Throw the pants in the washer and grab a new pair from the closet.

Easy On and Easy Off

Even if you have a first-grader with advanced motor skills for their age, buying shirts for girls or boys that are easy to pull on and take off will make everyone happier. Especially if they are in a hurry, the more buttons that have to be buttoned (and matched correctly with their buttonholes) or snaps to be snapped, the worse things are likely to go. T-shirts with either long or short sleeves and no fasteners or other tops that they can pull on over their heads with a simple pair of pants will make for an ideal outfit.

Although the fashions have no doubt changed, the more you can think back to the type of clothing that you liked to wear as a kid, the better. Chances are at some point you had to wear a dressy outfit that was scratchy or clothes that were a bit tricky to manage quickly in the bathroom. Give your child the gift of easy-on and easy-off clothing at this age.

Keep Them Cozy

Keep your first-grader cozy with layering. Kids’ hoodies and crewneck sweatshirts are great back-to-school items if they meet their school dress code. Be aware of how hoods and strings can get caught on playground equipment, however. Many first graders will be just fine with a hood, but it depends upon their exact developmental level and what playground equipment they are likely to play on. Most newer playground equipment is designed with safety in mind (at least much more so than when we were young). When in doubt, talk with your child’s doctor and teacher when determining what will work best for your family.

Flannel is Your Friend

Fall means flannel! Give your child the gift of this super soft first layer whether it’s a girl’s or boy’s flannel shirt with kids’ jeans or cozy flannel pajamas and a robe for those chilly fall nights. Flannel tops and flannel underwear are ideal for layering as the weather gets cooler.

Flannel feels great next to the skin and the soft, fuzzy fibers trap air creating pockets of warm insulation. Cotton flannel also breathes making it perfect for back-to-school outfits for first-graders who may be catching the school bus in the cool morning air, going through their morning in (less than) a climate-controlled building, and then heading out to run and play hard at recess.

Show Off Their Style

Make sure to give your first-grader a chance to show off their style. Let them choose some (parent-approved) clothing themselves. Kids’ graphic T-shirts can be a fun way to show some originality while still being able to mix with those simple staples like kids’ jeans and joggers.

If you and your first-grader enjoy crafts, consider decorating a T-shirt they can have as part of their back-to-school wardrobe. This can be as simple as using fabric markers or fabric glue and glitter. If you opt for glitter, just be aware that if it leaves the shirt, you will probably be finding it throughout your home for some time to come. But if you have a first-grader, you have probably already experienced the fun (and staying power) of glitter.

Best Coats and Boots

Even if the weather is still warm at the beginning of the school year, don’t forget coats and boots. Cold weather will be here before you know it (at least that’s how it works in Wisconsin). First-graders are active. Your tike will need a warm kids’ winter coat and boots that will keep their feet warm.

Choose a winter coat that is machine washable for the best results. Adult coats may only need to be cleaned a few times in a season, but kids’ coats often need to be washed every week (mud happens).

Have fun choosing great back-to-school outfits for your first-grader!


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