Baby Lu'au, A Guide to A Hawaiian Baby Shower

Baby Lu'au, A Guide to A Hawaiian Baby Shower

Celebrate your new baby the island way! Hawaii is a beautiful destination with a unique culture. Bring a little of that aloha love to your party by throwing a luau. Lots can go into creating this kind of atmosphere, and sometimes it's hard to keep track of all of the pieces of your party. Here is your ultimate guide to putting together your own Hawaiian baby shower.


Hawaii is a tropical destination. This means brighter colors are the norm. Jungle green with lush palm fronds would make sense. Bright flowers abound, so orchid purple, hibiscus red, and plumeria pink and yellow are all colors with which you can flood your space. Don't forget the sea! What tropical party would be complete without a nod to beautiful Hawaiian beaches? White sands, aquamarine shallows, orange coral, and cobalt depths--all are colors that can inform your party theme and create a bright, festive atmosphere. Use a couple or all for your luau baby shower!


Introduce your guests to the theme early with luau-themed invitations! There are lots of fun invitation templates that can showcase what kind of baby shower you are going to be having. Many have beaches and palm trees. Others have surfboards and beach towels . Some are covered in different kinds of Hawaiian flowers; others focus on plumeria or another specific type of Hawaiin flower. Some are complex; some are more simple. You might put a little sand in the envelope or some dried flower petals. Whichever kind of invitation catches your eye and feels like it is in line with the decor you love, choose that one!


We did mention flowers! Hawaii's lush, rainy environment means all sorts of plant life thrives there. These are great elements to use in your decoration! Palm fronds and large banana leaves can be built into a rainforest backdrop for the baby gifts. Hibiscuses can be used in centerpieces. Leis can be given as gifts to the guests as well as singling out the mom of honor. Sarongs and Hawaiian shirts often have floral prints and can be hung or worn to contribute to the mood too. There are so many fun options!


A huge part of a party is what you eat. Bring this aspect of your party into your theme by choosing classic tropical dishes. Pineapple is always a staple, but mango is also exotic and delicious. Different kinds of melons can also make a tasty addition. Cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon are luscious and delightful. Bananas and oranges could also contribute to a fabulous spread. Berries here and there may offer a gorgeous visual variance. Having fish is natural since islands are surrounded by the ocean, so fun seafood dishes should definitely be a part of your baby shower food if you are having more of a meal at your shower. If seafood is not your preference, consider Huli Huli chicken or Kalua pork. Kabobs could also be a delectable possibility. A salad with bright green lettuce and brightly colored bell peppers or cherry tomatoes could also make a good side at the table. Pick what appeals to your tastes, and go for it!


Tall glasses of cold drinks are essential, especially if you are having this party in the heat of summer. Lemonades and fruit punches are good warm weather drinks. If you like sweet, dump some ice cream in the bowl instead of ice cubes. You definitely need mocktail options, but see if you can work in some Hawaiian mixes. Blue Hawaiians, Pina Coladas, and mimosas are very fruity and quite popular at beach bars everywhere. Don't forget the mini umbrellas!

Games and Activities

Think about what you might like to do on the islands! A little hula lesson might be interesting for your guests to try. Alternatively, you could hula hoop! A fun activity even if you are wearing a nicer dress,, see who can last the longest or go through the different hula hoop tricks and see who can do what. Lei making would be another very Hawaiian activity. You can use plumeria flowers, or you move into more jewelry making with necklaces, bracelets, and earrings made of puka shells. If you have a pool, have your guests bring bathing suits to cool off and splash around. Some fun pool games might include Marco Polo or a relay race. A luau scavenger hunt for items placed around your location like coconuts, tiki torches, a bird of paradise, etc. could also be an enjoyable game. Remember to set the mood with some great Hawaiian music.

Now that you have some ideas choose what your Hawaiian baby shower will look like. Remember, the islands are about relaxing and enjoying life. Make sure you are doing that as you plan your beautiful event.


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