Are Wrinkle Free Shirts Really Wrinkle Free?

Are Wrinkle-Free Shirts Really Wrinkle Free?

If you enjoy the ritual of ironing a shirt each morning as part of your routine, more power to you! A crisply pressed shirt helps some people feel their best. For the vast majority of people, though, time is the most precious commodity of all. Anything we can do to streamline getting ready is more than the time saved—it’s a resource protected. An easy way to save time is to choose wrinkle-free shirts that don’t need an iron to look polished and pulled-together.

You might be wondering, though, if wrinkle-free shirts are really wrinkle-free? Do they look just as good as a hand-ironed shirt? Do they stay looking better longer? Does the wrinkle-free feature wear away? If you can’t decide if wrinkle-free shirts are right for your needs and taste, we’re here to give you all the information you need to make an informed choice!

What is a Wrinkle Free Shirt?

Wrinkle-free shirts are made from fabric—usually cotton or a cotton-rich blend—treated with a finish that resists wrinkles. This not only means that it comes out of the dryer ready-to-wear, but that as you sit, wear a seatbelt, or don a jacket, your shirt stays looking sharper, longer. The wrinkles it resists are not only from washing but also from wearing. A wrinkle-free shirt is a great choice to save time getting ready as well as a smart choice when you have a long day to get through and need to look good doing it. A personal tip from me to you: wash your wrinkle-free shirts in the machine and then tumble-dry them for 15 minutes maximum. Next, hang them carefully, with the collar buttoned and the shoulders squared properly on the hanger. Both men’s and women’s wrinkle-free shirts stay looking great for a long, long time with this bit of extra care.

To be fair, this does absolutely not mean that you can shove a wrinkle-free shirt in the bottom of a jam-packed duffle bag, carry it around an island for two days in damp heat and then expect that same shirt to be wrinkle-free to wear to a nice restaurant on the third day. They are no-iron, not magical!

Wrinkle Free vs Hand-Ironed

In truth, if you have a job interview in a conservative field, such as the law or financial sector, wear an old-fashioned dress shirt and make sure it’s ironed, preferably by a professional. The same goes for formal weddings or similar. That said, as our culture grows more casual and focused on comfort, a great-looking wrinkle-free shirt can take you just about anywhere. They may lack the gloss and precision of a hand-ironed shirt complete with collar stays and a tie, but that is a good thing when we consider the relaxed atmosphere of most workplaces and social occasions these days! You can look pulled-together and thoroughly appropriate while you save either the time it takes to press a shirt or the resources necessary to have it done at the cleaners. It’s a win-win!

Styling a Wrinkle Free Shirt

Wear a no-iron shirt any way you would wear a button-up, other than the most formal occasions where a traditional dress shirt is required. Wrinkle-free button-down shirts look just as good with jeans as they do with khakis and a navy blazer! In ladies’ wear, wrinkle-free blouses are practical office attire, but also work well when you want to elevate your favorite capris or denim. Wearing a button-down shirt can lift your scruffiest jeans out of disrepute or turn even the sharpest pencil skirt into a work look (just add pearls)! You can have that versatility in your wardrobe without laborious ironing when you choose wrinkle-free or no-iron shirts for everyday wear

Wrinkle-free shirts give you the pleasure of looking and feeling your best in a pulled-together button-up shirt while freeing you from tedious laundry chores; we definitely recommend them as an important part of a flexible wardrobe for both women and men. Whether you need to wear a button-down shirt to work every day or just like the Preppy vibe of a button-up with jeans and loafers, going no-iron is a game-changer. Wrinkle-free shirts really are largely wrinkle-free, and we hope you’ll try one yourself!


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