Are Short-Sleeved Button-Up Shirts Business Casual?

Are Short-Sleeved Button-Up Shirts Business Casual?

Short-sleeved button-up shirts are certainly appropriate for business casual attire. The fabulous thing about this shirt style is that it can be worn for a multitude of occasions. Just running out to the grocery store? Meeting friends for lunch? Heading into the office? A short-sleeved button-up shirt works in all of these scenarios!

But for now, we will focus on how to wear a short-sleeved button-up shirt as business casual attire, and what other articles of clothing you can wear it with to create a stylish, presentable, and comfortable work outfit.

The Perfect Summer Piece

Nobody wants to wear long sleeves in the dead of summer, even if you are heading into the office with the AC on full-blast (you can always throw a cardigan on when it gets too chilly). But walking around outside in 100-percent humidity in a long-sleeve dress shirt will leave you uncomfortably sweaty and understandably irritated. Ditch the long sleeves! Instead, opt for a dressy short-sleeved button-up shirt and tuck into a pair of men’s pants or dress trousers for women. A tucked-in short-sleeved button-up shirt will also look great with a pair of wide-leg trousers or chinos. The key is to always tuck the shirt in when you are going to wear pants like these. Keeping the shirt untucked while the bottoms are looser or wider will only make the outfit look sloppy and unpresentable, especially in an office setting. Trust in the power of tucking in your shirt.

Pair a Fashion Statement Short-Sleeved Button-Up Shirt With Dress Pants

When you want to elevate the look of your business casual office attire, the trick is to incorporate a short-sleeve button-up shirt that is something of a fashion statement. Have at least one short-sleeved button-up shirt that is floral, colorful, or some other flashy print design. It’s eye-catching, flattering, and brings the entire outfit to a heightened level. Pair the shirt with solid-colored bottoms, like navy blue dress slacks or white jeans. Finish the look with equally fashionable footwear, like colorful slip-on loafers. With such an eye-catching shirt, accessories minimally so the focus is placed on the shirt instead of scattered and disorganized.

Wear a Short Sleeve Button Up Shirt With With a Suit

This is a great look for both men and women. With this outfit, you can be business casual and business formal, depending on the circumstances. With the suit jacket on over your short-sleeved button-up shirt, it looks like a timeless, classic suit. But when you want to look a little more casual and feel more comfortable, just remove the suit jacket to reveal the short sleeve button-up shirt. When you are wearing a darker suit in a traditional color like navy blue, opt for a lighter colored or print short sleeve button-up shirt. When you are wearing a brighter, more colorful suit, either choose a short-sleeved button-up shirt in a darker shade of the same color or an entirely different, darker color.

A Short Sleeve Button Up Shirt Tucked Into High Waisted Pants

This is a polished, put together look. It’s always quite timeless and elegant, while still maintaining a casual feel. And if that isn’t enough to convince you, it requires very little time and effort to put together. Simply find your favorite pair of high-waisted pants or high-waisted jeans, and finish the look with any style short-sleeved button-up shirt. Tuck it in and elevate the look with style footwear, like heeled ankle boots or strappy stilettos. A belt will help to add greater dimension to the whole outfit.

The Short-Sleeved Button-Up and Khaki Pants Combo

Nothing beats good ol’ reliable men’s khaki pants. This pant style goes with so many shirts, from polos to long-sleeved dress shirts to sweaters and yes, short-sleeved button-up shirts too. With khaki pants, you can either tuck in the short-sleeve button-up shirt or not, and either look will be presentable. If you work in an office setting that allows for shorts, wear the short-sleeved button-up shirt with a pair of khaki shorts. This will be quite relieving on a sweltering hot summer day.

Are you thinking about incorporating short-sleeved button-up shirts into your wardrobe, both for your regular, casual attire and your office attire? Short-sleeved button-up shirts are a fabulous addition for both men and women and, because they are such versatile pieces, can be worn for so many occasions. Shop Lands’ End today to find high-quality short-sleeved button-up shirts and other business casual attire.


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