5 Nightwear pieces you need for an amazing night's sleep

5 Nightwear pieces you need for an amazing night's sleep

Many people are plagued with sleeping difficulties from full-blown insomnia to a stressful day that leaves you anxiety-ridden. And if you have issues sleeping, we don’t have to tell you just how annoying it can be when you don’t get a full night’s rest. But the chance to sleep soundly is possible and there are things you can do to ensure you get the sleep you so desperately need and want. Part of it has to do with what you wear. If you’re not comfortable, how are you supposed to get to sleep and stay asleep? To help you on your quest to getting an amazing night’s sleep, we have come up with five nightwear pieces you need in order to get it.

1. Slippers

Although it would be strange to get under the covers with slippers on, you should consider wearing them during the hours leading up to bedtime. Think of wearing slippers as getting in the zone and mentally preparing yourself for sleep. It should be a part of your nighttime routine along with the list of other things you do to get ready for bed. If you are a troubled sleeper, take preventative measures to ensure nothing messes with your sleep. Just imagine this scenario: You light some candles, take a warm Epsom salt bath and listen to your favorite soothing music as you soak in the tub. You grab a towel, dry off, slip on a robe and then slink into your favorite pair of shearling fur-lined moccasin slippers. You pour yourself a hot cup of herbal tea or hot water with lemon and put the smartphones and other screens away from the evening. You curl up on the couch with a warm blanket and your hot beverage, and you read a few pages of your favorite book. You’re finally feeling sleepy. Put a few dabs of lavender oil on your pillow and, finally, slip off your cozy slippers and get under the covers. No scratchy socks. No cold bare feet from walking on the cold floors. Keep your feet warm and toasty by wearing slippers up until the moment you slide into bed.

2. Robe

Like slippers, you likely won’t be wearing your robe in bed, but it is something you should wear during your bedtime routine and up until you go to bed. Especially during the cold winter months, you can give yourself an extra layer of warmth by wearing a robe over women's pajamas. Alternatively, just wearing a robe will still keep you plenty warm, and there are few things as lovely as the feeling of a robe against your skin. A flannel robe is just one of those things that will get you into night mode and lavish you with a hefty dose of luxury. When you decide to treat yourself to a late-night cheat dessert, eating that gooey, moist chocolate cake will taste so much better when you’re eating it in your ultra-soft robe. A robe is sometimes all that is needed to elevate you to that heightened realm of comfort.

3. Pajama Set

What is a good night’s sleep without a quality pajama set? If it’s the fall or winter season, stick to flannel pajamas. Thicker materials are what you want when the weather gets cold. And if it’s the spring or summer season, opt for pajama shorts and a camisole, tank top, or loose T-shirt. Materials like satin and cotton always feel best on a warm summer evening. During the holiday season, whip out the print flannel pajamas that come in plaid and other festive designs. It will make every evening before bed feel a little more special and joyous.

4. Nightgown

Maybe you’re just not that into pajama pants. Not to worry. There’s still an option for you. For people who don’t like the feeling of something on their legs when they slip under the covers, a nightgown may be what you want. For the colder months, you are going to want a long-sleeve knee-length cotton nightgown. They often come in solid colors as well as fun prints ranging from patterned to floral to plaid. In the spring, wear something like a mid-calf cotton nightgown in a pale china blue or vintage birch heather color. During the holiday season, spice up your nightgown selection by wearing festive options like a long-sleeve print flannel in ivory and rich red plaid or rich red mosaic. Finally, something like a lightweight nightgown pairs nicely with the contrast of a big, plush robe. Having the sensation of both the materials is a little slice of luxury that puts you in the mood to cozy up with a book before turning out the lights.

5. Quality bedding

Okay, we know this isn’t sleepwear, and sleepwear is important for a good night’s sleep. However, something else that will make a huge difference in your sleep quality is your bedding. Making sure you are sleeping in the softest, most comfortable sheets will help you get a great night’s sleep as well. There are many different kinds of sheets, and it’s all based on preference. However, a few material types you might want to consider are premium Supima cotton, flannel, or sateen sheets. If these aren’t your favorite, there are many other types to consider, as well.  

Making sure you also have pillows and additional blankets that you love is important too. No one wants to wake up in the middle of the night cold or wake up with a stiff neck the next day because they have a bad pillow. If you haven’t shopped for a new pillow and blanket in a while, now is the time. It’s worth looking for something you’re completely comfortable with so you can get the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had.


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