Airport Styles To Consider For Your Next Holiday Getaway

Airport Styles To Consider For Your Next Holiday Getaway

For some people, heading to the airport is an opportunity to debut an ultra-stylish, very on-trend outfit. For others, they might be perfectly confident showing up in a pair of women’s sweatpants and a slouchy sweatshirt. You may find yourself somewhere in the middle. Most people who go to the airport want to be comfortable for a long flight but still look presentable. In this post, we will take a look at a few chic airport outfit ideas to consider for your next holiday getaway.

Black on Black on Black

If you want to come across as inconspicuous while not actually being inconspicuous at all, the quintessentially Hollywood glam look is made possible by monochromatic coordination. Keep things elegant, utilitarian, and highly fashionable with an all-black airport outfit. You can keep it uber comfy too, by opting for black leggings with a black, oversized cowl neck women’s sweater and black boots of your choice. Both equestrian boots and ankle booties look great with this outfit. If you want a heel, keep it fairly short and supportive since you are bound to be doing a lot of walking in the airport. Accessorize with a big, black leather tote and a pair of big, black sunglasses resting on your head. If you want to accent at all, keep the accents extremely subtle, like a gold wristwatch or a small pendant necklace.

Cute and Casual

One way to guarantee a super comfy flight is to dress in super comfy attire. If you want to keep things simple and casual, with more emphasis on comfort than style, opt for black denim jeans or jeggings, a white turtleneck sweater, and a long gray coat with gray sneakers. These neutral tones are quite flattering, and all of these pieces working together will create a presentable, chic outfit without requiring you to feel uncomfortable at any point.

The Sporty Look

Want to go another level higher on the comfy outfit scale? And think it might be fun to put a sporty-chic twist on it? Start with a pair of comfy leggings and sneakers. On top, opt for an athletic sweatshirt and accessorize with a baseball cap. If it’s going to be a cold winter day, layer with a faux fur-lined parka. This is a fabulous “off-duty celebrity” look that anyone can pull off.

Metro Chic

If you want to get in touch with your inner-city girl, start with an outfit like this: black leggings (are you seeing a theme here?), white sneakers, and a designer sweatshirt. That all sounds pretty basic, but the trick to perfecting this outfit is to accessorize skillfully. For your carry-on, opt for a brown leather backpack. For a second layer, choose an oversized scarf or long cardigan in a brown tone. For additional accessories that will add dimension to the outfit, opt for rose gold sunglasses, a beanie hat, and a designer purse.

The Londoner

One way to make your airport outfit quite stylish is to put a European spin on it. To achieve that “Londoner on a winter day” look, start with skinny jeans, a tunic, and an infinity scarf. For outerwear and accessories, opt for a back raincoat, a denim tote, and brown leather ankle boots. Stick to blue denim, black, and brown leather to achieve this chic winter look.

The Fashion Blogger Outfit

If you want an outfit that is as stunning to look at as it is comfy to wear, take a page out of a fashion blogger’s book. Start with light wash skinny jeans (can be ripped or unripped). For the top, choose an off-white or cream turtleneck sweater. Accessorize with dark brown leather lace-up boots, a lighter brown leather crossbody purse, gold earrings, and a white suitcase. Since it’s winter, you will need a thick coat, like a navy blue puffer coat. All of these pieces together create quite a stunning airport outfit!

Make it Edgy

If you like a classically edgy outfit, try this: black denim jeans or dark gray jeggings with a loose white tea. Accessorize with a black leather backpack, a dark gray infinity scarf, and black leather lace-up boots. For your outerwear layer, choose either a black puffer jacket or a statement jacket, like an asymmetrical gray suede jacket. Because this is quite a darker look, you can make it really pop by adding a red lip or rolling a suitcase in a vibrant, cherry red color.

The Coastal Look

If you want a cool, casual coastal look, start with a pair of blue jeans and a black and white striped sweater. Layer with a beige trench coat and accessorize with aviator sunglasses, a cream scarf, and a cream-colored winter hat to match. This is another one of those airport outfits that will be just as comfy as it is stylish. Flying somewhere this holiday season? Shop Lands’ End today!


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