Activewear for Workouts and Working From Home

Activewear for Workouts and Working From Home

Whether you're creating a minimalist wardrobe for yourself or just looking to downsize, the key is to find clothing that can be worn for multiple activities. For example, athleisure can be worn for physical activity and when you just need something cozy and casual to slink into while working from home. If you're in the market for activewear, check out comfy casual women’s clothing for work and workouts, and consider adding a few of these pieces to your wardrobe.

Yoga Pants

What do you wear when you need something you can throw on for a day of curling up on the sofa and working from home and something you can comfortably work out in? Yoga pants, of course! With many styles and cuts to choose from, like high-waisted yoga pants, full-length yoga pants, calf-length yoga pants, and long, flare-leg yoga pants, you will undoubtedly be able to find something that you love. Yoga pants will serve you well around the house whether you plan on a rigorous at-home workout, a soothing yoga routine, a spring cleaning day, or an afternoon of leisure. And don’t forget colors! While plain black yoga pants are a popular go-to, you can shop around for bright colors and gorgeous prints to brighten up your look and mood.

Soft Joggers

Like yoga pants, joggers are becoming an increasingly popular choice for a wide range of activities. They are super stylish, so you don’t have to wear them for only a few select reasons (like working out or working from home); you can wear them whenever you please. Joggers are slightly more trendy than other workout clothes, so if you need to wear them for an outing (like a quick meeting with a colleague over lunch or a Sunday brunch date with the girls), you can! Aside from the fashionable aspect of soft, colorful joggers, these practical pants can keep you comfortable and unrestricted during a sweaty workout. If you don’t feel like changing into workout clothes after a long day of working from home, simply don’t! Joggers can be worn during your work hours at home and are functional enough for your late afternoon run or strength training session in your home gym.

Super-Soft Sweatpants

Fewer things feel better than coming home from a long day in professional attire and slipping into a baggy T-shirt and an ultra-soft, roomy pair of sweatpants. When you work from home, there’s no need to bother with professional attire (unless you have a few Zoom meetings planned). Skip the dress slacks and go straight for the sweatpants. You may be tempted to buy the cheapest pair you find, considering few people will see you in your sweatpants, and you won’t care as much about what you look like, but take the time to consider a slightly pricier item. Spending a little more generally means you get a higher quality product.

Even if no one is going to see you lounging around in sweatpants, that isn’t what matters; the goal is your comfort. Higher quality sweatpants are made with better, softer materials and will likely last longer than a cheaper product. Treat yourself to something that you can get years of wear out of and still feel as comfortable in as you did the first day you bought them.

A Warm Second Layer

Whether it’s the dead of winter and you need a cozy second layer to wrap yourself up in on those cold, snowy days, or the A/C in your house is on full blast during the summer months, a solid second layer is a must. Aside from making you more comfortable when working from home, a second layer is useful for working out when you want to really work up a sweat, or you need something to wear when going for a run or hike on a chilly day. There is no one second-layer style that is superior to any other; it simply comes down to which style is best for you. Perhaps a soft women's fleece jacket is all you need to keep you content and comfortable. If you get colder than others, have a few second-layer options on hand. This could be an oversized hoodie; a sporty, waterproof jacket for outdoor workouts; or a '90s-style sweatshirt. And there is no rule that says you have to wear your sporty attire strictly for workouts. When running errands or just going for that athletic look when meeting up with friends, an athletic jacket or hoodie will serve you well.

Start adding new athleticwear pieces to your wardrobe today to simplify your life and help you stay comfortable while you work.


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