Activewear for Virtual Yoga Class

Activewear for Virtual Yoga Class

Get ready for a virtual yoga class with comfortable, stylish activewear. Whether it’s your first class or your fiftieth, the right workout wear can keep you looking and feeling great from warm-up to cool-down. These versatile pieces come in sizes to fit every body and are available in multiple colors and prints. Here are our picks for the best activewear for an online yoga session.

Best Bottoms for Virtual Yoga Class

Whether you’re attending a virtual yoga class, following along with an online video, or simply doing some basic stretches, you need the right women’s yoga pants. These figure-flattering bottoms come in several styles, so it’s easy to find a pair you’ll love.

When shopping for yoga pants, look for polyester with a hint of spandex. This type of fabric is light and breathable, along with being soft against the skin. An odor-busting finish keeps you fresh through the most demanding yoga sequences, while an elastic waistband provides an always-comfortable fit.

Yoga pants come in ankle-length and cropped styles. Capri yoga pants are great for spring and summer, and they’re stylish enough to wear all day with your favorite sneakers or sandals. Like the ankle-length style, these comfy exercise pants are made from polyester and spandex with comfort features.

High-waisted yoga pants are an option if you want an on-trend style that enhances any figure. No matter which style of yoga pant you choose for your virtual class, neutral colors such as black, navy, or gray go with any top for plenty of fashionable possibilities.

Women's workout leggings are another type of activewear bottom to consider for an online yoga class. They pair especially well with tunic tops and have many of the same features as yoga pants. The main difference is that workout leggings have a close-to-the-body fit, while yoga pants are slightly roomier with gentle tapering towards the bottom.

Best Tops for Virtual Yoga Class

You also need the right kind of top for a virtual yoga class. In many cases, women's tank tops are the ideal choice for pairing with yoga pants. There are different types of fabrics to consider, such as soft and sturdy Supima cotton. Thanks to its long-staple fiber, this type of cotton is ultra-durable yet incredibly soft. Plus, it’s colorfast and retains both its vibrancy and shape through extended wear and washings.

Another option is a tank top made from polyester and modal with spandex. This fabric is light, breathable, and has sun-protection and moisture-wicking properties. Look for a polyester-blend tank with a tunic length for plenty of coverage. This high-performance fabric has an odor-resistant finish, so you’ll feel freshest whether you’re attending a virtual class or a yoga session at the gym.

If you prefer a T-shirt instead of a tank top, you'll have plenty of options from which to choose. A fitted style with light stretch should stay put even during inverted poses; look for blended fabrics with a small percentage of spandex. When it comes to neckline styles, options include scoop-neck and women's v-neck T-shirts. You’ll also find classic crewneck styles in an array of colors.

Choosing Activewear Colors and Prints

As previously mentioned, workout pants in black, navy, or gray go with virtually everything. If you want a bold pant, choose a vibrant color or go for a print. Yoga pants or leggings with a print coordinate beautifully with a solid top in a hue or shade that matches one of the print colors. Or, choose a printed top with solid pants. Either way, the inclusion of a print adds visual interest to your look.

Consider your yoga background space when deciding on the look of your activewear. If you’re working out in front of a white or neutral wall, you can wear any color or print. However, if you’ll be attending a virtual yoga class in front of a printed wallpaper or busy background, keep your outfit relatively neutral and opt for solid colors instead of prints.

There really aren’t any set-in-stone rules when choosing top and pant colors. If you’ve got a favorite color or one that makes you feel confident, wear it for your next virtual exercise class. A confident attitude can boost your mood and make any workout a more pleasant experience.

Other Tips for Attending Virtual Yoga Class

In addition to the right activewear, you may want a cushioned yoga mat to impart a class-like environment to your space. You don't really need anything else besides a decent internet connection—unless your yoga class requires props, such as wedge cushions or blocks, for performing certain poses. A virtual yoga class can be just as effective and enriching as an in-person class, so don’t be afraid to get online and find a class that’s right for you.


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