Activewear for Returning to the Gym

Activewear for Returning to The Gym

Whether you’ve been exercising at home over the past year or have taken some time off from working out entirely, the right activewear can make returning to the gym feel exciting. Regardless of your reasons for heading back to the gym after a hiatus, you’ll want clothing that keeps you comfortable and confident no matter how sweaty you’re getting or how many reps you have left before your cooldown. And from getting your cardio in on the treadmill or StairMaster, just getting started on the bench press, or even heading back to the gym for a cycling class, the workout attire you decide to rock will have an impact on your experience.

The tips and outfit suggestions below will get you pumped to absolutely go for it at the gym (or at least walk through those doors, which often is half the battle!).

Get into Gear With Bike Shorts

When it comes to athletic shorts, it doesn’t get much trendier than bike shorts. And this is a trend that we’re happy to follow because bike shorts are as cute for everyday wear as they are for the gym.

The ideal bike shorts will feature a comfy elastic waistband and the right amount of stretch throughout. For the gym, you’ll want to ensure that your bike shorts fall right above the knee, so you have the coverage you need to jump, run, row, or squat without having your mobility restricted at all.

For this first gym-ready outfit, pair either patterned or solid-color bike shorts with a supportive sports bra and a slightly cropped short sleeve tee. You want your tee to be cropped enough to balance out with the bike shorts, which will have a mid- to high-rise waist. The idea of the cropped tee is that it’ll allow for more airflow as you move, shimmy, lift, and sweat. Not only is this outfit completely functional, but it’s also super flattering and on-trend, meaning you can stride back through those gym doors in complete and total confidence.

Find Your Pose With Yoga Pants

Women's yoga pants are another great option for athletic bottoms. Yoga pants aren’t just for yoga, although they’re ideal for their namesake as well. Opt for yoga pants that have a moisture-wicking fabric, so you can get your sweat on without worrying about being uncomfortable. As with most workout bottoms, you’ll want to look for yoga pants that have a little stretch and feature a comfy yet secure elastic waistband.

Go for ankle-length yoga pants if you want a bit of added airflow around your calves, or opt for full-length high-waisted yoga pants for ultimate coverage.

You can rock a pair of solid color yoga pants or some with a colorful print, like floral with a flattering sporty side panel. Pair these bottoms with a supportive sports bra. Keep in mind that, for sports bras, you’ll want to find one that aligns with the activity you’ll be doing. For example, you’ll want more support for cardio like running than you will for a yoga class. Either way, simply layer a moisture-wicking women’s cotton tank top over your sports bra, and you’ll be ready to take on that next class, rep, or mile, all while looking and feeling your best.

Get a Leg Up With Leggings

While we love a good pair of yoga pants, there are also other styles of women's workout leggings to try out. For example, capri leggings can be a great middle ground between bike shorts (or any workout shorts!) and full-length yoga pants.

For this next gym-approved outfit, start with a pair of black or navy capri workout leggings. These should fall right around your knee and fit comfortably at your waist. Pair these comfy and functional bottoms with the right style sports bra and a women's T-shirt in a fun print or vibrant shade, like bright teal. Be sure to go with a short-sleeve moisture-wicking tee with a relaxed fit, like a flattering curved tunic hem top with a bit of stretch.

This outfit is so fuss-free and comfy that you’ll likely start to incorporate it into your loungewear looks as well, and we fully encourage you to go for that! After all, you’ll need some downtime between gym sessions.

Complete the Looks (and the Workout)

You can complete each of these outfits with some sporty socks and your comfiest and most supportive sneakers. Headbands can also be key when you’re working out, depending on your hairstyle.

Whether you choose to build an outfit around trendy and flattering bike shorts, some comfy yoga pants, or a super practical pair of capri workout leggings, you’ll be ready to return to the gym in style. We know you’ve got this!


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