Activewear and Activism: What to Wear When You’re Volunteering on Earth Day

Activewear and Activism: What to Wear When You’re Volunteering on Earth Day

As is written in the name, activism can be pretty active, and you want to be sure you have the right activewear for the job. Earth Day is a wonderful holiday that recognizes the importance of environmental sustainability and preserving our ecosystems. Many people celebrate Earth Day by volunteering in their local communities to plant trees, tend gardens, pick up trash, start recycling or composting initiatives, and many more activities that can be rather active. At Lands’ End, we are always making steps toward sustainability and environmentally friendly business practices. This Earth Day, we invite you to join us in coming together to make the world a better place. As you’re getting ready for your Earth Day volunteering activities, read on to learn what activewear clothes are best for your Earth Day celebrations.


Our go-to go-getter activewear choice will always be a stellar pair of leggings. We love leggings because they offer the flexibility and mobility you need to get just about anything done. If you’re planning to do something active for Earth Day, a good pair of leggings is a great choice. Perfect for planting trees, tending to a community or personal garden, attending a peaceful protest, or just about any other form of Earth Day activism, a pair of leggings is comfortable, functional, and practical.

Yoga Pants

Just like leggings, women’s yoga pants are a sure way to dress for your Earth Day activism activity. Yoga pants will offer you the comfort, mobility, and freedom to enjoy your Earth Day celebrations. Whether you’re bending over to plant something or walking on the streets and offering information about how to live an environmentally friendly life, you’re going to want to feel comfortable and mobile. Yoga pants are designed just for optimal comfort and mobility, so slip into your favorite pair of yoga pants and get going.

Activewear Long-Sleeve Tops

Clothing designed for high amounts of activity is made from fabrics that are both breathable and moisture-wicking. In some parts of the country, Earth Day is still a relatively cool day weather-wise. Be sure you’re prepared for your activities by wearing a top that will keep you warm without making you sweat. Like thermal shirts, activewear tops are breathable, insulating, and moisture-wicking. This means that even if you break a sweat, you won’t get too damp or chilled. Choose a long-sleeve activewear top if you’re in a cooler region of the country to ensure you stay warm during your Earth Day activities. Most Earth Day activism activities will take place outdoors, so be sure you are properly prepared for the temperatures.


If you’re celebrating Earth Day in a warmer area of the country, then perhaps you’ll do just fine wearing a T-shirt. Choose an activewear-oriented women’s T-shirt and wear with leggings and sneakers for a super comfy fit perfect for a day filled with activities. Again, choose an activewear shirt that will have extra moisture-wicking properties and be breathable for maximum activity and comfort.

In Case of Spring Showers

It’s always a good idea to have a plan. April is known for its showers, after all, so your Earth Day activism might get rained on. If you’re planning to be outside for Earth Day, be sure you bring a packable poncho or activewear-oriented women’s raincoat. Rather than choosing a longer streetwear-friendly raincoat, opt for a rain jacket that is lightweight and easy to slip on and off, and gives you the comfort and mobility for high activity. If you’re planning to spend the day outside, pack something for the rain or cold in your backpack or bag in case less favorable weather rolls in. There are many styles of rain jackets designed for activewear use, so check them all out to find the one that will work best for you.


If wherever you live already has warm weather at the end of April, check out activewear shorts. There are so many styles available for myriad purposes. Choose bike shorts and wear them with a tunic top, or opt for running shorts and wear them with an activewear long-sleeve top for extra coverage. If you like something longer, wear longer shorts that still offer the mobility and breathability of their shorter counterparts.

Earth Day is a wonderful opportunity to get outside, get active, and get in nature. Whether you’re planning a hike, volunteering in your community, or planting trees, you want to be sure you have the activewear that’s going to support you and keep you comfortable throughout the day.


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