Active Women's Clothing for Busy Mornings

Active Women's Clothing for Busy Mornings

Activewear has taken the world by storm. Women especially love activewear and often wear it not only when working out. They also wear it while they’re running errands, hanging out around the house, and when exploring the outdoors. Fall is a wonderful time to enjoy the great outdoors and get a little exercise, even if you’re just taking a walk in the park. After all, the weather is cool and crisp, but the freezing days of winter are still a ways off. And the sight of changing leaves is magical. But even if you’re just running errands or visiting friends, comfortable and stylish women’s activewear is perfect for this special season.

The No-Chafe Top

Busy days call for clothes you don’t have to think twice about. After all, you don’t want to slow down midday when something is rubbing you the wrong way. A long-sleeve active tee with flatlock seams won’t chafe, so you can go for a jog or help your daughter practice her soccer moves without ending up with red marks. The long cut gives you extra coverage and the high-tech fabric wicks away perspiration, so don’t hesitate to work up a sweat.

Feel the Burn

If you’re trying to get in shape before the Christmas season (and all those cookies and treats) arrives, you need something warm and easy to move in for those AM workouts. Classic drawstring sweatpants and womens joggers are comfy and cozy but try a pair designed for women with a flared leg and you won’t feel like you’re bumming around in your husband’s castoffs. Add a hooded sweatshirt and a tee, strap on some ankle weights and go for a power walk to get your heart pumping.

The Jacket That Has Your Back

You need a good jacket for those chilly fall mornings when the air smells like firewood. A water-repellent jacket with a sleek quilted front looks beautiful and feels like heaven. You can pull the collar up when a breeze hits, but there’s no need to panic when it rains. Lightweight insulation provides warmth without the weight and you can slip your hands in the zippered pockets to keep them toasty. This one looks nice with almost everything, too. Try it with jeans, leggings, or even a dress.

Stick to Basic Black

Sometimes, you need a fashion multitasker to get you through the day. Women's active apparel leggings in classic black provides the stretch you need for wrangling kids or walking the dog, but they look smart enough to wear for lunch with your friend when you’re done. Having versatile pieces in your wardrobe makes it easier to put together outfits. You don’t have to store as much or keep many clothing items on hand. A seamless pair of active apparel leggings are smooth and sleek while a wide waistband provides some tummy control – wear them with a tunic and your favorite sneakers. And a pair made from moisture-wicking fabric will keep you fresh and dry, so you won’t feel like a mess when it’s finally time to order.

The Sweatshirt You’ll Want to Live In

A sweatshirt made with plus-size women in mind will show off your curves and bring out the best in your shape instead of burying you. Wear one in a classic fall color like deep burgundy or evergreen with your favorite skinny jeans and loafers, or even sneakers if it’s a casual kind of morning. You can also wear a plaid button-up under and let the collar poke through for extra flair, or skip it and slip the front of your sweatshirt in your waistband for a hip French tuck inspired by Queer Eye.

What’s also great about sweatshirts is they work year-round. They’re great for layering under jackets in the winter. Sometimes you can even get away with wearing a sweatshirt with no coat in the spring. There are also summer evenings that get chilly, and if you take a weekend camping trip, you’ll need a sweatshirt to stave off the cold. In the 

Embrace Athleisure Chic

The athleisure movement has transformed women's activewear into stylish, relaxed clothing that’s totally chic. To rock this look, start with a pair of joggers, which are stylish pants inspired by sweats that look great with sneakers (or even heels). Add a plain long-sleeve tee and a leather motorcycle jacket along with a scarf if it’s cold out. Keep everything simple and minimalist, including your bag and jewelry, as this trend is all about understated allure.

The Shirt to End All Shirts

An activewear turtleneck tunic might be the perfect piece for fall, hands down. The collar will trap heat and stave off a chill while the soft fabric drapes without clinging to any problem spots. Vents along the side make it easy to move in, and you can dress it up or down in seconds. Worn with yoga pants, it’s perfect for doing some light stretches or jogging around the block. But add a pair of dark skinny jeans and a necklace and it looks wonderfully sophisticated.


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