Accessorizing Your Graduation Outfit for an Outdoor Ceremony

How To Accessorize Your Graduation Outfit for an Outdoor Ceremony

Are you attending an outdoor graduation ceremony this spring? You’ll want to look and feel great in your clothes and accessories. No worries. This is going to be fun!

Add a Little Color

When going to an outdoor graduation ceremony in spring or summer, it’s fun to be colorful. An easy way to do this is to wear a neutral-colored outfit like black or light-colored dress pants with a white women’s blouse and then add a colorful necklace and earrings. Fun colors to consider include turquoise and silver jewelry or a touch of pink or violet. Wearing the graduate’s school colors in your accessories is a great idea. Why not pick up a cute faux necklace or earrings in that shade of crimson, blue, or green that will show you are rooting for them and proud of their accomplishments?

Add a Belt

Taking a shirt dress and adding a belt is an instant way to change up an outfit. Belts are versatile because you can choose from different materials, shapes, widths, and lengths, plus wear them in different ways. If you like to show off your waist, consider a fitted belt that contrasts with your dress or blouse and will show off your curves. If you prefer a looser silhouette, perhaps a belt that sits more at your hips is your style.

When choosing a dress, skirt, or blouse to accessorize with a belt, consider what will make you the most comfortable. If you like a graceful line, perhaps choosing an A-line skirt or dress and adding a belt is the best choice. Do you have a favorite tunic in a color that you love? Why not experiment with adding a belt to it? If you like it, great! If not, just move on to your next idea. Belts are also great wardrobe items because they take up so little closet space. If you get tired of a belt, think twice before giving it to charity. It could come back in style and be the perfect vintage choice in another decade or two, and you will have it ready to restyle with a new outfit.

Add Some Sparkle

Why not add a bit of sparkle to your graduation ceremony outfit with your favorite jewelry or a metallic handbag or women’s sandals. You could go with silver or gold-toned jewelry with or without jewels. One of the best parts of wearing neutral-colored jewelry is that it goes with every color. You can wear diamonds or rhinestones with everything from neutrals to pastels to brights for a bit of extra sparkle. If you are going to an outdoor ceremony during the day, you will want to keep the amount of sparkle a bit more conservative than you would in the evening. Still, a cute clutch handbag and snappy sandals in matching silver, pewter, or gold can be a great addition to a smart casual outfit for daywear.

Add a Sophisticated Scarf

One of the easiest ways to change up an outfit is to add a women’s fashion scarf. You can drape them and tie them in myriad ways and create instant visual interest. Consider choosing a classic design in a silk scarf or going for school colors in a fun fashion scarf.

Scarves are one of those fashion choices that can be new to some of us. If you are unsure how to buy a scarf or tie one to look your best, look around online and experiment. A quick internet search will yield dozens of videos with suggestions on choosing and tying scarves. Whether you use one as a shawl, tie one around your neck in a flattering way, or add one to your favorite handbag, they are a fun and colorful way to express yourself.

Add a Fashionable Hat

A women’s hat is not only a fashionable accessory, but for an outdoor graduation ceremony, it is also a practical one. Graduation ceremonies are often sunny and warm, and by the time you sit through the speeches and get to cheer for your graduate, you will have been there a while. Why not give yourself a bit of sun protection and the comfort of your own shady spot?

If you choose to wear a hat, plan to keep your hair in a simple style (and consider tucking a hairbrush in your handbag). Hairstyles that are sleek and have a low-volume look usually go best with hats. Be sure to try on a variety of hats to get one that fits you comfortably. When wearing a hat, you should be comfortable enough to forget that you have it on.

Accessories are a fun way to change up your outfits. Have a great time celebrating your graduate at the outdoor ceremony!


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